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Dancer Stuff

How about some dancer stuff? we go.
I recently found an Instagram account that I really like. And I don't have Instagram myself in case you wonder, the blog is enough. I found it by reading (read it, it's good),
here is the the article I read.
A girl that goes by Exotic Cancer creates funny and spot on drawings of being a dancer through her eyes. Her art is for sale on her website. I will definitely purchase something because I am quite impressed by her art and her wit.

Here are a couple of her drawings.....

So then I thought I should make a collage of her stuff and put it up at work because if you are a dancer you can relate to most of Exotic Cancer's drawings. I mean I have heard it all and seen some stuff too. So I started working on the collage at work.

It ended up becoming two with just girl stuff pertaining to dancers and the other one with what the people that we encounter in the club sometimes blurt out.

There is a magazine about strip clubs called Exotic that come out once a month.

I read it (of course) and in last month's issue, one of the contributors, DJ HazMatt that writes a monthly column called "Tales From The DJ Booth" wrote about dating while working as a strip club dj. His description of dating non dancers was really good. He wrote, "The third group of woman I've mentioned as a dating possibility, is the one that (often secretly) has a distaste for the entire strip club industry. And, trust me, this group is the worst. You've never gotten into a real argument until you've had a self-described "sex-positive, body-positive, feminist" tell you about how all of your friends are money-grubbing whores who have never met their dad. Ahh, the irony of current-year ethics. Personally, I have more respect for the most stereotypical, Dr. Phil-ish, ghetto dancer, than I do a stuck-up rich bitch who marries old men for money (or expects working-class dudes to buy them expensive shots).
And, if you want to talk about women in skimpy outfits being exploited and forced to have conversations with douchebags for tips, look no further than a Dutch Bros coffee stand."

Well, personally I can say that being in a relationship with somebody for the wrong reasons (money, security) has never been my thing. That is prostitution if anything. But swept under a rug while pretending it's "real love".
So when Stormy made an appearance at Stars in Bend Oregon there was a bit of chaos.
A drunk asshole threw a wallet in her face with the excuse that he was "wasted". This ordeal did not come without consequences.....

Yes, the idiot was wasted but he is also an idiot. When dumb asses drink alcohol they do dumb shit. That is nobody's fault besides the idiots. Perhaps people that do not know how to handle their liquor and people that are a bit more moronic than average should stay home and not venture out in public and create problems for the rest of us that actually know how to and can behave normally when out and about and around alcohol. Morons, please do us all a favor and stay home with your beer cans, bottles and whatever else you like to get wasted on.
Interesting also how the oh so righteous Rudy Giuliani doesn't respect Stormy Daniels.
Funny, because he doesn't have such a clean slate himself. Just ask his ex wives. And if Giuliani feels that Stormy is not respectable then how does he feel about Dennis Hof who recently won the Nevada GOP primary? I bet he would act super chummy with Hof.

"Pimp Dennis Hof, the owner of half a dozen legal brothels in Nevada and star of the HBO adult reality series “Cathouse,” won a Republican primary for the state Legislature on Tuesday, ousting a three-term lawmaker."
Is Dennis Hof also not respectable or is this a status that only women involved in porn or other types of sex work can achieve?
You know, I started this blog because I wanted to show that the stigma and stereotypes associated with dancers are often grossly exaggerated and many times not true. I guess I wanted to prove something. But fuck it.....I don't need to prove ANYTHING to ANYONE. I know myself and that is all that matters. You can believe what you want. I have witnessed "regular" men and women engage in despicable behavior and I also read the news everyday about people that murder, rape, molest and torture. And those people are not dancers. So no, I don't have to prove shit to anyone.
And lastly, here is another article I came across. Written about strip clubs and dancers by a non dancer named Olivia.
She visited a few strip clubs in Portland together with a friend and here is some of what she had to say.....
"After the girls were done performing on stage, they’d circulate the club, talking to guests, helping behind the bar or hanging out by the bouncers at the front door. I watched them in awe, casually strolling through a full club in a g-string, while I’m self-conscious wearing a full piece bathing suit during summers. This is when I began realize how incredibly awesome strippers are. They are feminism and girl power and strength, put in lingerie and placed on a stage for people to enjoy. Though some dancers were thin and fit, others were curvy and shapely. But no matter what their body size, they walked around a crowded room nude, and with complete confidence. Though most associate strippers with low self-respect and morals, I saw something different. I saw women who were confident enough, and who respected themselves enough, to express themselves on a stage in front of hundreds of people.
In a “Huffington Post” article, ex-striper Sheila Hageman (a valedictorian college graduate and recent mother of three) wrote about stripping as a “feminist act.” Hageman said that, “Women should feel as free as men always have and that begins with having the freedom to choose what we want and do not want to do with our bodies. I want every woman to have the confidence to claim that freedom without worrying about what others may think. If we dare to be seen for who we are, expose ourselves fully (in whatever form we choose), maybe others who have no voice will be able to also.”
The women were sure of themselves and their place. They made it clear that they were the ones in charge, not the men in the audience. Seeing women in that position of power was refreshing, and it was inspiring.
I don’t want this message to be misunderstood, I’m not encouraging young woman to trade in their university textbooks for lingerie and high heels. But I am encouraging them to reassess what courage and self respect as a woman means. And though some will disagree, I think strippers can be a great example of female confidence and determination. Any woman on a stage, confident and comfortable in her skin, is admirable."

THANK YOU Olivia for those words.....the article brought tears to my eyes (perhaps I was having PMS and felt extra sensitive or something). But for a woman that never visited a strip club before and to be able to push any judgements aside and look at the dancers and see it for what it is - I applaud that.
Do I agree with her? Absolutely.


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Mr.B on :

Any person confident and comfortable in her skin is admirable.

Do I read your blog for the lucid prose or the great tomatoes?


Can I live without it?

Absolutely not.

Tatiana on :

Awwwww Mr.B you make me smile..... ❤️
I need to write an update on my tomatoes, thank you for reminding me!

RD on :

Right, the artist on the stage is the one in control, not the audience. The audience pays to see the artist. Too often I see drunks, assholes, etc. believing they are the ones in charge, and I feel that attitude comes from a man wanting to dominate a woman. Stand up for yourself and do what is right for you!

Tatiana on :

Yes....I have encountered a few drunk self prescribed assholes....well especially one stands out in my mind. Luckily it ended and he can try to dominate someone else now because he wasn't successful in dominating me.

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