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Did you have a nice Easter? Perhaps you don't celebrate Easter? I did more of a "traditional" Easter growing up with coloring eggs, decorating the house and my Mom would make certain food. This year me and Chhaya spent Easter at the Oregon coast. Went back to the beach house and had some very nice and relaxing days.....
My little Easter bunny and her eggs.

I am an Easter bunny too!

I drank tea every day....this has been my fave tea for months now.

I made apple pie. I covered the sliced apples with a top layer of crust that I poured caramel on which I made from was actually really good and the crust came out scrumptious.

Lots of cuddles! And I have a new fave tv show. Tosh.0 - how funny isn't that?

The dogs were happy. Chhaya took long walks on the beach and relaxed.

Senna ran around the beach with me and played in the water.

Sea lions sun bathing in Newport. They were so fun to watch! I want Chhaya and Senna to see the sea lions next time we go. Newport is a nice little town with lots of stuff to see.

One of the many murals.

This resembles an Easter Island statue to me.

I can't wait to go back to the beach house - I love it there. Chhaya does as well. ❤️ I am so happy and grateful. Happy Easter! :-)


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JOHN K on :

Glad to see you have found a good place in your life.
The Oregon coast is a lot like across the bay from Homer.

Tatiana on :

Hi! :-)
I am glad too!
I think Homer, of all the places I saw during my time in Alaska was my favorite town.
I hope you are well!

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