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Jesus Loves Strippers

A couple of weeks ago two nice ladies visited the club with goodie bags for us girls.
Us girls meaning the dancers, aka strippers. They gave away the bags and told us that if we ever need anything, a ride, somebody to talk to, a baby sitter etc that we could always reach out to them.
We invited them to sit in the dressing room with us because contrary to popular belief most of us are rather well behaved, do not do anything illegal or crazy in the dressing room and most of us get along perfectly fine. We have nothing to hide. At least I don't. Sit with us, observe and listen. Those tired and worn out clich├ęs about out of their mind slutty drug addicted loud strippers on some outdated moronic talkshow really does not reflect reality well.
I have worked with dancers that have their life together. Personally and financially.
Speaking for myself, I have my finances put together better than about half of the adult US population does. Nothing too bad with my personal life either. I am close to my family and I have friends. I do plenty of stuff outside of the club, my life does not revolve around being a dancer. But since I am a dancer also, the stigma says that I am really spending all my money on alcohol, drugs, supporting some abusive dude and throw in a couple of neglected kids by different daddies too. Wrong.
Do some dancers need guidance and help? Do some engage in a lifestyle that I think is completely crazy and sometimes just plain bad? Absolutely. There are definitely girls that need help. Some girls should NOT be dancers but I suspect that they would be troubled regardless of what they do. But all kinds of people have problems and all kinds of people do crazy shit, not only dancers. I see "regular" people act in ways that I would never ever think of doing myself.
I do appreciate the concern and effort coming from these well meaning ladies that visited us but at the same time I they also visit and reach out to nurses, teachers, baristas, waitresses, beauticians, real estate agents and other women dominated workplaces with these pamphlets, goodie bags and offerings of assistance?
How about trying to "save" all the men that visit strip clubs? Do they need help? Some of them are married after all. Is it morally right to be sitting in a strip club drooling over other other women, spending money that should be going to their wife and children? I don't know.

Current shape of Tati.

I find this pic very amusing. We have a small corner in the dressing room called "Sharing Is Caring" with Q-Tips, body lotion, baby wipes, hair products, anti bacterial rub etc (guess who put that together? ;-) ) and when I was at Sprouts in Vegas last year I saw a box of medicated anti itch tush vipes that I thought would be just PERFECT for our little corner.
This is my kind of immature humor, VERY funny in my book! I never want to grow up and become a politically correct dusty fogbone. So anti itch butt wipes next to a Chanel perfume just make for the perfect pic I think.
Actually I want us to install a camera in the dressing room that would document how entertaining it can be in there sometimes, especially when the Tati Show is on! The camera would be streaming live and people would have to pay to watch (us girls would share the generated income from this), our presence would keep many lonely people company and make many laugh. I have pushed this idea but of course it will probably never become reality. But I think this is a BRILLIANT concept!

What was in the goodie bag? A penny with a cross in the middle that I think is very pretty and that I will save. A card, a note, a pencil, sunglasses, chocolate and a KIND bar. I will give away the sunglasses, the KIND bar plus chocolate to a homeless person that needs it more than I do.
The ladies that came in are part of a group called Xpose Hope. The group have a nice Instagram that I looked at and a website. If you want to check out what they do or perhaps connect with
I am thinking that I will send them a link to this blog entry so they can read my thoughts regarding their visit. Perhaps they can skim through the blog and see that far from all dancers are in need of salvation from despair.
Again, I appreciate their effort. Personally I do not need that kind of help. But maybe somebody else does.....


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Betty Campbell on :

We agree. And coming from a past in the industry myself, I love that you are blogging about it! What an amazing blog!

Tatiana on :

Thank You Betty!
I apologize for the late reply (your comment got stuck in my spam filter for some reason).
Thank you for reading!

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