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Chloride Arizona

Cindy and I went to Chloride the other day, an old mining town founded in 1862 located in Arizona. Not too far from Vegas, about an 80 mile drive. Chloride is a very interesting place, I can definitely see the charm of living there. Isolated but still not too far removed from a larger city like Vegas or Kingman. Plenty of retired people in Chloride. And lots of characters.

Cindy told me about some murals. Just WOW.....painted by Roy Purcell in 1966. He named this work of art "The Journey".
He wrote, "The Journey images from an inward search for self".

Many snakes depicted in the murals. Supposedly there are a lot of snakes in Chloride too. Didn't see any.

The number one supermodel in the world - Chhaya.

Cindy taking pictures.

We talked to some locals. Met a nice lady named Natalie that is part of The Spoiled Doves and also running Yesterdays Restaurant. If you want to spend the night in Chloride you can do so at Shep's Miners Inn. We grabbed a bite to eat at The Prospector, pretty good food at very reasonable prices. Heard that Chloride puts on a great St. Patrick's Day celebration. I was actually quite impressed by this town!
Had a great day with Cindy.


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Annette on :

You are so beautiful Tatiana..... I love the colorful art!!!!!!

Tatiana on :

Thank You Annette! ❤
I hope you and Jax are well!
Our birthdays are coming up.....

Annette on :

We are good.... Jax is getting so old :-( I was addicted to Diet Coke and was feeling icky.... I gave it and pasta, breads, starches and most sugars up 20 days ago and I feel so much better! I made a commitment to do this for 40 days to see how I feel. Yes are birthdays are coming up!!! I volunteered to work on mine for a coworker who is a Viking fan... I have never worked on my birthday but the Vikings could go to the super bowl and my coworker is a die hard fan ;-)

Tatiana on :

Diet Coke?! Annette! NOOOOOOO!!!! I am glad you stopped that.
I never work on my birthday either. I would if I did it like you are planning on, volunteering for something then yes. Otherwise no.

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