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Las Vegas Shooting is the day when a shooting "hit home" for me. Las Vegas besides my time in Alaska has been the place that has been my home in the US for a long time, although I am away from Las Vegas right now. Even when I was in AK I would go back to Vegas for extended periods of time.
I found out about the shooting late last night while in Winnemucca outside a McDonald's picking up WiFi.....I was talking to my brother when I saw the first reports trickling in.....11 45 pm my time.
I spent most of my day today driving and only heard what news I could get on the radio, spotty radio because long stretches of the road had zero reception.
Once I arrived at my destination I could start checking off that my friends were OK, I suspected most would be but you never know. So far I haven't heard back from a few people and I know people that know somebody that got shot.
Always feels more "real" when something bad or good happens at home.
Same with Sweden to me.
BUT I feel that every innocent person that dies in the hands of somebody else is a valuable life lost and that person too most likely has family that will mourn their loss. It doesn't matter where in the world something bad happens, bad is bad.
Las Vegas in case you haven't been truly is a shining jewel in the desert, at first glimpse it is almost too much to take in. Las Vegas will keep on shining and being fabulous and according to some friends that I talked to the community has really pulled together in this. Still.....very very unfortunate what happened.


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Carla on :

I thought of YOU immediately as I heard about the Las Vegas shooting very early Monday morning as I was getting ready to go to work. My heart sank with sadness and I was riveted to the television getting the details.

I wrote to several friends (including you) expressing my shock and dismay... thus allowing me to vent my sorrow and frustrations about what is happening in this world lately. Also, not to be overshadowed by the horrific mass shooting in Vegas,...... ..... in Marseille, France on Sunday 2 women were attacked and killed at a train station by an Isis militant.
It is becoming difficult to feel safe anywhere we go in these turbulent times.

Thanks for letting me vent on your blog... it helps to clear my mind. I just knew that you would be writing about this because of your past times in Las Vegas and because of your moral character which you have expressed so many times in your writings.

When these kinds of things happen, my thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family and friends of the innocent victims of these senseless acts. Lives of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers cut short by these deplorable actions of evildoers. Very SAD.

Tatiana on :

Hello Carla.....YES the two young women that got stabbed to death last Sunday in France at a train station by an ISIS coward while he was yelling that bullshit that his God is great. IMAGINE how their families feel having to live now knowing what happened to their innocent daughters.
Or the woman that got tortured for HOURS, scalped and drained of all blood by her ex boyfriend in West Hollywood last month. Her mother is left to grieve her daughter. How does she feel?
In August two women got murdered and 6 more people got wounded in Finland by an 18 year old asylum seeker taking out his "frustration" on innocent people because he was not going to be allowed to stay in the country, seems like he targeted women.
There are crazy and evil people everywhere, people have been killing people since the beginning of times. Before guns they were killing with their bare hands or whatever they could use and still do, you don't need a gun to kill somebody. Just look at the above examples, no guns were used.

As far as Las Vegas goes and all the other similar mass shootings in the US, the perpetrator gets instant fame even post mortem, everybody talks about him (it is always a man) and the victims soon get forgotten except by their families that are left goes on, people forget and then it happens again.
And then people talk about it on Facebook (the universal tool to express ones opinions and show others how caring you are), say things like hold each other closer today, hug your children and bla bla bla. Perhaps change their Facebook picture to some flag to show sympathy or something like "Pray For Las Vegas". And then they forget, change that Facebook pic because it's not relevant anymore. But stuff likes this happens every day. There are children getting molested and murdered in this country everyday, women that die in the hands of men. Every day.

I don't like how much attention is given to the men that commit these crimes. I think some do things like this because it does give them attention. A lifetime of "fame".
The police is looking for a motive in the Las Vegas shooting, there doesn't have to be a motive. Not everybody has a motive, one has to have something seriously wrong in the head mentally to be able to do something like this. That is "motive" enough.
Do I get pissed off at people sometimes? Have people hurt me in the past, done something bad to me? Yes. There are people out there that I wish nothing but misery but I personally would not seriously hurt somebody else unless I had to defend myself or another innocent person or animal.
I don't even kill insects.

Human beings are the most evil and vile inhabitants on this planet, our greed and selfish needs will one day destroy everything.
We are killing animals because we want to eat them or because is "fun" to hunt them (animals suffer greatly because of us), we are killing and polluting the environment.
Yes, I am myself contributing to this.

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