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Coconut Milk

We just added coconut milk to our milk selection at the cafe and I am probably the one that drinks the most of it. Good, then it won't go to waste. I LOVE it, so yummy. I can't drink regular milk, only if it's in coffee or latte but not regular milk poured in a glass. That will make me borderline vomit, it tastes so gross to me. Growing up my Mom would force me to drink that one glass of milk with dinner, which resulted in me waiting until the very end to gulp it down while holding my nostrils shut with my fingers and hating every second of it. I can drink heavy cream but not milk. I think I was 12 when I finally told my Mom that I would no longer drink milk. Looking back I think that one should never force your children to eat things they don't like. If you as an adult do not want somebody to force you to do things you don't want, then don't treat your children like that. I refuse to drink milk (unless it's a latte), eat mushrooms (unless they are the special kind,) eat spinach (I had to eat that green mushy Popeye stuff we call spenat in Sweden). I also don't eat meat (grew up eating meat and loving it but made a choice as an adult to stop because I feel bad for the animals), fish (feel bad for the fish) and stuff like foie gras (animal abuse/torture). Surprisingly enough I am healthy and feel strong. Contrary to widespread popular belief, you can survive fine without meat. At least it works for me. So far.
The last time I had a glass of just milk was when I got poisoned by gas in Poland, I was 18 years old. I was taking a bath and all of a sudden I felt that something wasn't right. I could barely move, I felt weird, my limbs were so heavy and I felt bordering on being unconscious. Somehow I crawled out of the tub although I could barely move. I slumped down on the floor by the door, fresh air came in between the crack of the door and the floor and I took a few breaths of air and managed to lift my arm up so I could grab the door handle and open the door. Close call. A bit longer in the bathroom and I could had died. So my cousin made me drink a glass of milk and we waited to see if I could keep it down or if I would vomit, somehow that determines how badly poisoned you got. Something like that.....anyhow, crazy experience.

Sunday afternoon, windy and sunny. I am thinking I should do some errands but I feel unmotivated and lazy. Maybe I just take a nap instead.


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Carla on :

I still drink at least one full glass of (nonfat) cows milk every day, and still eat lots of dairy like ice cream, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and use half and half in my coffee. If I do drink an alternative to cows milk I would prefer Almond Milk although Coconut Milk is good too. I do not like Soy Milk, ugggh.

You were poisoned by gas in Poland when you were 18. Was it like carbon monoxide from a faulty heater? I am so glad that you survived!!! A close call indeed.

Today, Sunday afternoon, I also feel lazy and unmotivated so I am in my comfy clothes on my comfy chair reading a book and sometimes checking in on my Swedish friend's blog for anything of interest!!!! :-)

Tatiana on :

I love ice cream, cheese and yoghurt. A yoghurt I really like is Noosa. Have you tried?
I want to cut down on my milk consumption for my lattes though because of how badly dairy cows are treated. Cows are so beautiful and intelligent. I don't want them to suffer. I want a whole field of rescue cow pets I can shower with hugs and kisses.
Yes....the heater was somehow leaking gas (carbon monoxide) inside the small bathroom with poor or no ventilation. Pretty close call actually.
Well....enjoy your Sunday and thanks for checking in!

Carla on :

Yes, I have indeed tried Noosa Yogurt... very smooth and creamy for sure. My favorite flavors are Peach, Mango, Strawberry, and Passion Fruit.

My grandfather operated a dairy farm and he treated his milk cows like his kids... very gentle and kind and took good care of them. From what I have seen, even the big dairy operations treat their cows well.... of course like in any endeavor there could certainly be exceptions.
What are your thoughts about the bad treatment of dairy cows??

Have a great day today....

Tatiana on :

"What are your thoughts about the bad treatment of dairy cows??"

Well, bad treatment is bad treatment. Meaning bad.
Read some here

I had coconut milk today, not cow milk. A lady came in an got a hot coconut milk latte and then I made two iced coconut milk lattes for two other ladies. One of my regular cafe customers always orders soy latte. There are milk alternatives.
I wish animals were treated better. In all settings, from household pets (the ones that are mistreated) to the ones we use for our consumption to the wild ones that are hunted for their meat or various body parts or simply just trophy hunted.
I think about the animals a lot. How badly we treat them, it's really horrible. They deserve kindness and respect, animals are beautiful, intelligent and sentient. It's us humans that are flawed, some more than others.

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