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Easter Princess

A day late but here is the Easter Princess in all her glory.

In Sweden we (not all of us of course) dress up as påskkärringar for Easter.....meaning witches, with a broom each that we pretend to fly to Blåkulla with. That is where we, the witches dance with the devil himself. If I would dress up as a witch here and run around outside with a broom in between my legs somebody might lock me up somewhere but then again I am in Vegas and there are weirdos everywhere here. Just go down to Fremont street for a great show.
I was invited for Easter dinner to a friend's home, spent my evening in great company in the same neighborhood where some of the scenes for the movie Casino were filmed, meaning old Vegas. And old Vegas is actually super cool. Ahhhhh......Ginger in Casino !
Then I went home and took Chhaya out for a windy walk. My hair was flying all over the place.

As far as today goes....I did something today that I personally don't know anybody that has done. I don't want to talk about it yet, I might talk about this ordeal I have been dealing with in the future.....or not. Depending on how I feel. But WOW - even I can't believe what I did today and when I walked away from wherever I went to, my adrenaline was pumping together with my heart on a high level. Intense to say the least. And not in a bad way. And that's all I have to say about that.


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Eva on :

Hi. Came upon this blogg thru your comment/link on Bloggbevakning. Been reading a few of your posts. Will continue to follow your blog. But - would like to have more background info about you as a person. S.a. how did you end up in Vegas, what kind of work do you do, what interests do have, married? Etc. I figured out that you probably work in a coffee shop but at some point you wrote about "your manager" which makes me believe your are aiming "higher"?? Liked to read your blog posts but would like to know about more about you - your posts will make more sense to me then...

Carla on :

Your Chhaya, the Easter Princess, looks very festive with all the colorful baskets, bunnies and eggs. It looks to me like Chhaya is quite happy in the role as Princess.

Well, you have certain piqued my interest... I can hardly wait for your next blog telling what you did that was so adrenaline pumping and putting your heart on a high level. You could always PM me if you don't want to tell everyone. :-)


Tatiana on :

HEJ.....och kul att du läser! Yes....I am in Vegas right now and I work in a cafe. What my interests are etc you can find if you read my blog....there are blog entries that go back ten years.
How did I end up in Vegas? I moved here a long time ago and before that I lived in Californa and before that in Sweden. I also lived in Alaska for years and there is a chance I will move away from Vegas soonish, or not....not sure yet.
The "manager" I recently referred to is my manager at the cafe, if I stay in Vegas I could probably manage the cafe at some point. Other references to managers would most likely be when I danced (stripper style dancing) in various clubs in the USA.

Tatiana on :

Oh no....I won't disclose that in my next blog entry, if ever depending on the outcome of what I did or whether I I want to talk about it in a public forum or not.

Chhaya is my princess. Aways.

Eva on :

Danced at Crazy Girls on La Brea/Sunset in LA myself. And many other places as well, even Vegas Clubs sometimes. Best job to make quick cash for a while. Had to get serious with my career after a couple of years though and worked as an accountant at a firm in Westwood for eight years. Went back to Sweden for a long holiday and stayed here - did not even bother to renew my green card.... Visiting a couple of months every year staying with friends in Palm Springs/Rancho Mirage. Good luck to you!

Tatiana on :

No way.....! That is so cool, I love hearing other dancer stories.
The original purpose behind me starting my blog was actually to show all the people with skewed ideas about dancers that most of us are completely normal and sane and not that stereotypical crazy strung out person often showed on various talk shows back in the day. In fact it has been the "regular" people I have came across in my life that act and live in ways I would never ever think of doing.....and those are usually the ones talking the most shit about dancers.
LOL. I have a few great examples I could write about here and one day I might actually do so.

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