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Tea Time

My latest obsessions on repeat...... the yummiest carrot cake ever that I get at Whole Foods, Death Salsa and tea with lemon.
Besides that I have nothing to report. My hair is unwashed, I need a trim (hair) and a pedicure. Perhaps a massage too. I've been better but I'm alive and that's about that.

Sunday evening. Are you ready for the work week to start tomorrow or are you off because it's a holiday?


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Nico on :

I stay home with my kids and home school them, with all my cats, kids , and dog , im always working :-D

Tatiana on :

That sounds wonderful! Family life, cats and a dog.....I'm a bit jealous! In a good way jealous....not a bad way.

Nico on :

Everyone in my house knows when mama needs her few minutes of solitude to sip coffee and read some tati "shhhh im reading tati go play"

Tatiana on :

Awwww.....that's so cool, made me smile!
I'm sorry there has not been anything new from Tati lately, I might explain why at some point....or not.
Meanwhile, if you can read old Tati entries, there are plenty.
And my MAC laptop is out but I will get it fixed, nothing major (I think).

Annette on :


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