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Nourish My Soul

Tonight I am going to nourish my soul. I NEED this! I went to the Polish Deli in Vegas and got some pierogis (dumplings) and sernik (cheesecake). I'm boiling water for the pierogis right now, I got the ones with kraut and potato/cheddar filling. I wanted just potato but they were out. Then I am going to chop up the onions and fry them and the pierogis too. Boil then fry.....that's how I do it.
There are all kinds of fillings for the pierogis, meat, mushroom, plum......but my favorites are the ones with with kraut and potato. Polish food, that is my childhood. My Mom made homemade pierogis and I would help her in the kitchen, the dough was made from scratch. We rolled it out thin, made sure to put flour on the kitchen bench so the dough wouldn't stick and then we measured out the round dough bits with the top side of a drinking glass and put in the kraut or potato filling and closed them up. Mom would made sernik too......which was delicious. And many soups, my favorite was and still is barszcz czerwony (beet soup) but also barszcz bialy, rosol, krupnik, zupa pomidorowa and kwasnica.......ohhhhhhh yummy!
Other dishes my Mom would make that I remember were bigos, gulasz, kotlety, galabki, salatka z kartoflami and z jarzynami......but we would also make thin pancakes and eat them with strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream. Then when I got older I would bake about once a week, I would make apple pie or sockerkaka (Swedish). And my Mom made amazing kanelbullar (also Swedish) and apple filled paczki for Christmas. And she sometimes made homemade bread. I remember my Mom taking the loaves out of the oven, piping hot.
That fresh baked bread smell would fill the house and I could not wait to butter up a slice and indulge. I LOVE FOOD!



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