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Not Neglecting

I haven't written anything here for a few days but I am not neglecting anybody, I just feel like I don't have anything interesting to write about. Slight writers block I guess......Sure I could talk about crazy religious fanatics, people that suck at parenting, animal abuse and all of that stuff because the world never takes a break from it but I need a break from all that crap for a while. I have covered those issues so many times already and every day there are plenty of new cases of people behaving in ways that are disgusting......When I read those stories I get upset. But I'm sure I will bring it up here again sooner or later.
I have been "busy" with my usual routine. Latte every day, work a few times a week. If it's nice weather and sunny I lay out and tan. I try to engage in some fun activities with Chhaya a few times a week besides the usual daily walk where I live. Besides that I haven't done anything special, no travels, no new books. Everything is NORMAL which is good. I think I need to find a couple of new books to read and go camping and/or hiking again.
The weekend is here, the weather is beautiful. I am going to swing by the store and get some groceries for later, go home and put a blanket down on the lawn and take a nap in the sun. Life is good.


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Paul on :

Happy Summer!

Tatiana on :

Thank You!
You too.....!

Paul on :

T - please don't forget about us, this blog is therapy for some of us :-)

Tatiana's straight talk to set the world straight with dollop each of common sense, feminism, lingerie, selfies, animal rights, advice to men, moderating religious & behavior extremes & more. We need you!

Tatiana on :

WOW.....LOL, I'm flattered. ❤
Kind of like the Dear Abby column.....but with lingerie and selfies, sometimes seflies in lingerie.

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