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Shot Dead

In between the very important news about Kim K's growing badonkadonk and pregnancy and that her little sister Kylie gets lip injections, her ass inflated and hangs out with older dudes we also have the news that a massacre took place in Tunisia. Responsibility taken by the Islamic State, again. This is on repeat now. "Tunisian Secretary of State for Security Rafik Chelly told Mosaique FM the gunman was a student previously unknown to the authorities."He entered by the beach, dressed like someone who was going to swim, and he had a beach umbrella with his gun in it," Chelly said." So far 38 people are dead. I say so far because some might be critically injured and not make it.
WHY? WHY? WHY? JUST WHY? This makes me feel a SICK feeling inside.
I have always wanted to go to Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt but I can't say that I want to since a few years now because I feel it's not safe. In fact I would love to go to several other countries in Africa but that might be indefinitely put on hold.
Then we have the "normal" Muslim that beheaded his boss in France. He impaled the severed head on a fence and surrounded the scene with Islamist flags. Yes, "normal" indeed.
ISIS is promising more terror, meaning MURDER.
I so very much admire Marine Le Pen. She is loudly speaking, in my opinion, what needs to be done. I wish more politician were like her. We got Jimmie Ã…kesson in Sweden, the leader for the party Sverige Demokraterna. He has taken so much shit in Sweden from fellow politicians and been ridiculed so much in general for speaking THE TRUTH, that I am surprised that he has the strength to go on. In Sweden it is a huge mistake to openly sympathize with Sverige Demokraterna, it's not politically correct and you will be labeled a racist and might even lose your job. IN FACT, my brother lost his job because of this. Yep he did. I might not agree with everything Sverige Demokraterna stands for, I think they have some backwards views on some issues that I think they definitely need to work on but regarding their thoughts on immigration issues I agree.
And I am fully aware of that a crazy kid walked into a church last week here in the US and shot dead nine people. The shooter, 21 years old and white, killed nine black people. Terrorism? No, I would not call this terrorism, this is a crazy/confused kid with some serious issues. My guess is that he grew up drinking in a trailer park in the South somewhere. Drinking your formative teen years away in trailer parks does not contribute to much good usually, certainly not a positive personal development. There are plenty of problems in the US, people here are arguing over race and flags but let's not forget that there is plenty of black on black violent and deadly crime (like Chicago aka Chiraq) that should be addressed by Al Sharpton and his followers. But you better believe that ISIS would gladly have every evil non Muslim American and evil non Muslim European killed if they could, white or black doesn't matter. Cause you know what they say - convert or die. Islam......the religion of peace. As you can see.


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Doc M on :

Go to Anchorage paper, I think the June 20 issue, an article written by Chris Thompson, "Thoughts on millennials and faith"
very clear view of society in general, may give you an answer to today's blog. The religious part aside, some clear observation!

Tatiana on :

OK I will look it up.
Thank You!

Mumintrollet on :

"IN FACT, my brother lost his job because of this. "

From a private company or goverment type job?

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