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Me and Chhaya drove to Girdwood yesterday to check out the Iditarod trail. It is so gorgeous out in Alaska now. Girdwood is a very beautiful place year round but right now it's super lush and I felt like I was making my way through a fairy tale forest. Look at Chhaya, she poses so pretty. A natural. I tell her she is the most beautiful pittski princess in the world. She is to me.

I'm at the Yak&Yeti right now finishing up my lunch. I'm going to take Chhaya for a long walk somewhere in a bit, thinking Ship Creek today, then do some errands and then I need to go back to the room, take a shower and get ready for work. I have to be at the club at 6 pm.
Last night I didn't have to be there until 8. And my 4 pm days are done with for the week, that's a relief!


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Annette on :

Chhaya is BEAUTIFUL! I understand about paying more because I have Jax ;-) I have payed a lot for the place I rent now and on our way back to Kansas I have to pay more so we can stay in a hotel together.....but having him with me makes me happy. I am busy cleaning and packing...UCK. I have been busy getting time in with friends before I leave. Its hard to say goodbye. I saw an all girl rock band from Sweden Thursday night and it made me wonder if you have a Swedish accent :-) Looks like you are having fun in Anchorage and wearing those HOT shoes!

Tatiana on :

I HATE goodbyes.....UGH I totally understand how you feel.
Girl rock band from Sweden? Really!?
Everybody has a different opinion on what I sound like when I speak. Some think I sound Eastern Bloc which I doubt since I moved to Sweden when I was like 4. I speak Swedish fluently with no accent. I suspect I have a Swedish accent when I speak English but since I can't hear myself I don't know......
BUT if you want you can see and hear me in this documentary.
I make an appearance after about 14 minutes or so. I have not watched this in a while. My skin looks shiny/oily. I should had blotted! :-D

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