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Here are some fresh pics of me when I decided I had enough last night and was in the dressing room, finally took my shoes off and was ready to go home. SO happy to go home! Let me tell you, my poor feet ache and so does my body. I must be getting OLD! ;-)
Or perhaps I should do weekly soaks in Epsom salts, I know girls that I work with that do that. When I stop dancing I might commit to a series of Rolfing sessions so the therapist can really get down into the deep tissue in my body and "fix" whatever might be off. Because these heels and the moves we do when on stage and during lap dances are not kind to the body in the long run.

Then I want to show you what the desk in the dressing room looks like after an evening at work. What's mine is the green bag and the clothes next to it and the lock.
We have.....a mug of coffee filled up halfway with about five cigarettes floating in it. A plastic bag full of eye glasses and sunglasses, not sure what that is about. Props perhaps? A lonely bracelet. An empty KFC bucket with some gnawed on chicken bones. A can of coke. A used band aid. Also on the desk but not in the picture, another half full coffee mug with some drenched cigarettes in it. Gross. Smoking in the dressing room around non smokers?
That should not be allowed. But I have noticed that many (not all) people that smoke only think about themselves and that nasty habit they have. Their mindset is, "need to smoke now and I don't care who else is around". Interesting collection of items! Kind of like a crime scene.

But I have to get out of bed and out of the house now. I need my latte! This is SO me!


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