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Nice day!

The weather is soooooo nice here in Anchorage! Tatiana is remembering the usual Vegas temperatures in May - too hot.
Tatiana had lunch at Tap Root Cafe today with a friend. Good food, too small portions, hello Tatiana eats, no diets here. In fact, Tatiana has been eating so much lately that like four or five pounds could come off now. But not by dieting, if Tatiana dieted she would be too mean and scare everyone at work. Instead she probably has to go to the gym at least once, preferably twice a week, oh horrid thought! Tatiana has to make an effort? Oh no!

After that Tatiana did some errands and finally got rid of those leather gloves.
Remember the bum in need of gloves that Tatiana saw a few months ago, when it was still cold? Well, Tatiana was sure she would see him again but didn't. So instead she got some more gloves and nice wool socks, three pairs of gloves and three pairs of socks and donated to "Vets Helping Vets" an organization that collects for homeless or in need vets. They need too. Tatiana needs stuff and so do others, Tatiana knows this!
Somebody made a comment about Tatiana needing that Olivia painting, that somebody thinks that Tatiana should work. Hello YOU FOGBONE, Tatiana does work, ok. But sometimes people like to give gifts, just like Tatiana did to the vets today and others in the past. So if a nice person wants to give Tatiana that Olivia painting then they can. If you don't ask you will never know, ok. More on the fogone and it's comment tomorrow.

Now Tatiana is going to take a nap and then shower and shave because there are lots of people that need Tatianas smooth.....moist......legs at work.


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ulliss on :

Yes you work very hard and you definetly deserve that painting!!!

f trooper on :

salute for tatiana's action to vets. proud of your help to individuals that sometimes had no choice but gave their best anyway.

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