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Merry Christmas all my friends. I hope you are safe, cozy, well and happy wherever you are.

❤ ❤ ❤


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Annette on :

Merry Christmas Tatiana and Chhaya...from Annette and Jax ;-) thank you for my thoughtful gifts your are a very sweet soul. Isn't your birthday soon?

Tatiana on :

You are most welcome!
B Day in a few days.....can I start having birthdays every four years from now on? Time is going too fast for me.

Mumintrollet on :

Ha en god jul där borta i amerikat.

Tatiana on :

Tack! God Jul till dig också!

Annette on :

:-) mine is New Years Day and it always comes to fast. I have visited Washington many times. I loved staying in a small town called Levenworth. Thanks for the Swedish tradations you shared. There are many people here from Sweden. I asked every patient the other day what they were eat during the holidays.....several said swedish meatballs. I think because my Swedish side of my family ventured out by themselves to Oklahoma, they lost any tradations. So I love it when you share on things from Sweden. Happy Birthday Tatiana early you deserve great things!

Tatiana on :'s so funny that you mention that, somebody else told me about it and I want to visit there.

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