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I decorated the Christmas tree at work last night with these fantastic ornaments, just another of my brilliant and fun ideas! Now we can bring the guys over to the tree and ask them to pick a gift, which one do you want (out of the three). LOL! I should had embellished the "ornaments" with some rhinestones to make them more festive. I think this is a great ornament idea if you are looking for something interesting for your tree still. I guarantee your tree will be a big hit with those decorations!

And in case you are new to my should know that I'm only JOKING. I feel I have to to point that out now and then, because I know that some people out there take everything seriously and don't get that I'm joking. I joke around a lot. So no, we do not gift men with STDs at work. In fact I think that knowingly spreading STDs around should be punishable.
I always tell confused guys that the chances for them to randomly hook up are probably higher at a local bar or regular club than with some girl they meet in a strip club. Although you know, there will always be those dancers that meet up after work. Speaking for myself, I have absolutely ZERO interest of getting to know anyone better. I guess St. Louis is topping the STD charts right now. Now you know.


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