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I am hiding at home, eating everything I can get my hands on and steadily growing since last Sunday. I am not in the mood for much although I forced myself to tackle the mountain of Christmas gifts and cards that had to be dealt with. I will breathe a big sigh of relief after my trip to the post office at some point later this week is over and done with. I am in a lazy mood, having a hard time getting out of bed since a few days now.....I just want to sleep or lay there feeling unmotivated, PMS in full effect. Definitely not social enough for work. I know that if I would had went there tonight I would had been cold and miserable, growling at people and hiding under my blanket. Instead I swept and mopped floors at home and did lots of laundry. So at least I got some stuff done. I did go to Kaladi earlier, Kaladi coffee is the only coffee that makes me sweat. It heats me up inside, in a good way. I left some magazines at the coffee shop that I am done with, I wonder if anyone will be able to read the Swedish ones?
Thinking about taking a bath now.....and then sleeping, or finding a good book to read in my book collection. I am in the process of rereading my books. One day I will put them all up in some bookshelves.....I'm looking forward to that.


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