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House music never left!

Again, The New Yorker made a mistake. But as always, Tatiana is here to correct the mistakes made. It is good that YOU know Tatiana, how else would you be able to find out what's really going on?
Tatiana LOVES House music, basically electronica, Techno, but especially House. Oh yumminess! House has been around for a long time and according to The New Yorker it was kind of gone (???) but is now back due to songs like Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Kanye West's "Flashing Lights". Seriously? First of all, House never left and probably never will. It was just not "trendy" to go to raves and clubs that played this kind of music and it was more of an underground movement. Which is good by the way! It has been more trendy to go to lame ass clubs, like all the big clubs in Las Vegas for example, meat market atmosphere, full off annoying drunks, sipping on some spiffy drinks while listening to the latest top 40. If posing and trying to look important while texting on a cell is fun, then go to a club. And stay there please!
But if you want to enjoy life and dance your ass off, not worrying about anything else, then welcome to Tatianas kind of party.
She has been going to her raves for years now. Not only her. Monster Massive, Together As One, Electric Daisy Carnival are raves/parties that attract thousands of electronica music fans yearly, we are talking numbers like 20 000 - 40 000, at one party. And Tatiana can almost guarantee that most of the attendees would not be there unless there was House and Techno pumping out of the speakers. The best time, EVER.
Back to Lady Gaga and Kanye, these songs mentioned are hardly even close to House music, more pop. The use of a synthesizer doesn't make a song a House song. Tatiana likes Lady Gaga, she is refreshing but she wouldn't go as far as calling the songs she has heard from her to fit in the House music category.

Another thing that kind of fits in here. Paris Hilton had some commotion at a club recently. She went to a club during Winter Music Conference in Miami, a yearly electronica music event that draws some of the best dj's in the world. She probably forgot that she was attending a club were top 40 was not going to be played, she is confused and somewhat dumb, we all know that. She decided to go up to the dj and started telling him to change the music, she was getting "a migraine" supposedly. Whatever, leave then you dumb cow! The dj, Steve Angello, a guy from Sweden, probably thought she was notally nuts, which she is. A scuffle occurred, I hope he sues her ass. Steve knows how to dj, Tatiana is a witness to that. Paris needs to shut up and get busy with working on her tan and take care of her pets instead of bothering people that are trying to enjoy themselves.

The ashes from the happy Alaska volcano are under control, life is back to normal for now. Tatiana did some errands today and ate lots of food.
Enjoy the pic capturing Together As One, a great event.


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