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Makes me sick

Last week a female suicide bomber managed to blow herself up and in the process kill about 40 people and wound about 80. Most were women and children resting en route, south of Baghdad.
How can somebody decide that strapping yourself in explosives and murdering people is a good idea and right in the name of "God"?
I hate violence like this. I can't stand people that commit acts of inexcusable violence.
Murder, rape, abuse, animal abuse........WHY?
How can a woman do this? I know I don't live there and that I am not subjected to the issues going on there but this is not solving any problems. It is just contributing to everything that's going on and totally wrong and senseless.
There's so much to be said about things like this but at the same time words are not enough. It makes me really upset, what kind of a world do we live in? What can I do? How can this end? I hate violence, war, fundamentalism.
I feel so bad for these poor people getting hurt and killed.


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