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So I am in a small town called Winner, that is in South Dakota. I really hope that this town will live up to it's name......I started my journey Wednesday evening and it took three airplanes to get to Sioux Falls, then I rented a car from there and drove to Winner, that took about four hours. I was exhausted last night, my body felt weak my eyes just wanted sleep but I still went to work. The clubs name is Holiday House.
I am kind of strapped for time today. I didn't wake up until 2 pm, dehydrated I know the feeling because my brain feels on the verge of a headache.
I need to get in the shower no later than 4 30 and I have some errands to do before that so there will be more details about Winner and the club another time. And I already got some stuff to talk about, you know me! ;-)
There is not even a decent coffee shop around (not that I know of at least) so I went to McDonald's for a coffee, some salad with no meat, they only have salad with no meat as a side salad and free wifi. So I am going to scarf down this fine meal and get going.

PS.....note my pink heels on the Welcome To Winner sign.


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