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Who missed their daily dose of Tatiana? :-) Well I'm back....almost. I am sitting on a curb at 2 am in Tonopah NV writing this with a rather spotty internet connection.....still hundreds of miles from Vegas. I am alive and I am HAPPY ! My Burning Man experience was more than amazing and I am so very grateful that I went. Much more about it all later after I download all the pics onto my computer etc. I just wanted to check in real quick and let you all know that I made it out of the Black Rock Desert......Namaste!


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Josh G on :

Was wondering what you thought of it.
Sadly wont have chance to go anytime soon as conflicts with state fair.

Annette on : I missed my daily dose :-)

Tatiana on :

I can tell you and everybody else that wants to know this....Burning Man is an amazing experience and you should try to go at least once.

Tatiana on :

Yeay! At least somebody missed me......!

Juliana on :

I always miss ya! :-)
I'm so glad you had a spiritual, cosmic adventure at Burning Man...can't wait to read more about it.
Love ya, Tati!

Tatiana on :

it was amazing.....

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