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Ellen got married!

OH NO! Ellen DeGeneres got married to Portia! Tatiana is going to griev and wear black for a whole week! Ellen was supposed to be with Tatiana, HELLOOOOO!!!
Tatiana loooooves Ellen, she is funny (just like Tatiana), she wants to live on a farm someday and take care of every animal that needs taking care of (just like Tatiana), she likes to dance (just like Tatiana). So many things in common!
Tatiana thinks her and Ellen would make a great couple! Now she needs to come up with a plan so Ellen dumps Portia. Though Portia was Tatiana's favorite on Ally McBeal......
Next time Tatiana goes to Los Angeles she needs to make sure she runs in to Ellen and then Ellen will fall in love with and marry Tatiana.
On a serious note though......Tatiana is happy for Ellen and Portia. They are cute.
But Tatiana and Ellen would be better together, Ellen just doesn't know it, yet.......


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Bill on :

Tatiana, I'm sure you have hundreds of proposals, I am one of those.

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