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Guess What?

Of course I didn't make it into work tonight, I am not capable of walking around in an outfit that fits in my palm AND having to be at least semi nice to people right now. I am bleeding and feeling lethargic. Therefore I am staying at home. I am shuffling around in sweats and my hair up in a messy bun.
I have a stash of the latest gossip magazines and who doesn't read gossip magazines?
If YOU don't then maybe you are too busy working and taking care of your kids or something else, therefore Tatiana will come to your rescue and fill you in on the latest! LUCKY YOU!
First of all, every so often there will be a bunch of photos of celebs caught with no make up on. Some still look good or ehhhh at least decent but some NOT so much, the hair and make up people sure make miracles happen, not to mention the photoshop team. I mean, the Kartrashians have a recent ad out for some product and when the beauty team can make even Khloe look good then you know that they are putting in an effort.
I wonder what MY photos would look like with a star team behind me? Freakin' amaaaaazing probably........
So by now everybody knows that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. With the guy that directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman which I have seen btw. Kristen just repeated the same role she played as Bella in the Twilight movies, low on emotions. Blah and bleh. I am not sure if Kristen only made out with this director dude or if they actually slept together but it seems pretty serious since Rob has removed himself from their home. I am not that shocked, Kristen is only 22, she has been with Rob for a few years now, they are young and this relationship is not going to last forever even though it is very cute that they fell for each other while playing Edward and Bella. What I am more interested in is the married with two kids director that is at least 20 years older than Kristen. He is the one that should be sorry! What a creepo! His wife should leave him, or get a ring worth millions like the one Kobe gave Vanessa after she caught him cheating, again.
TomKat and the divorce. So little Katie decided to divorce Tom and supposedly he didn't see that coming. If that's true she is not as sweet as she is trying to come across as. She should had known who and what she was getting herself involved in when she accepted Tom's proposal AND got pregnant, she knew about Tom's involvement in Scientology. She should had though that over long and hard before getting married. That is what you do. She did supposedly get into Scientology herself. I do not know much about that religion, people seem to make much fun of it. Like it is so much better to be a Mormon and have a bunch of wives and a ton of kids. Or be any kind of zealot that takes Islam or Christianity too far. Katie is a regular looking girl that got swept of her feet by Tom.
She seemed in love and happy at least for a while. What happened? She just now realized their "irreconcilable differences"? I actually feel kind of bad for Tom now.
Mila Kunis is dating Ashton Kutcher? I like Mila, she is very pretty and seems smart. I hope she gets rid of the man ape Ashton, he seems genuinely dumb.
And I am disappointed that Rihanna, my girl crush, seems to still be hung up on Chris Brown, he too looks like an ape. She can do so much better than him. Look at her, she is gorgeous!
He is lame. And so is Drake, the other ape look alike involved in her drama. She needs to be with a HOT man, or woman.
J Lo still going strong with her Jon Cryer look alike Casper. J Lo is beautiful, I am not sure what she is doing with Casper, she seems happy but I do hope that she keeps some sense in her brain and doesn't get pregnant with this man child. That would be a mistake. She doesn't need more kids. She has three already. The twins and Casper.
Jessica Simpson is HUGE still, I do not blame her though, I would be huge as a whale too if I got pregnant. She is so large. Supposedly her fiance Eric is less than thrilled, I think Eric needs to shut his trap and rub Jessica's feet and back and whatever else she wants him to do. Jessica is putting a roof over his head. I smell another Britney and Kevin disaster here.
Speaking of Britney, I am not sure that I like this Jason Trawick guy that she is engaged to. I think Britney should be single, she doesn't need a boyfriend.
Well, that's all I can think of right now. My tummy tells me to go downstairs and rummage through the fridge.


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