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Did I get something new on my Vegas trip? Well, I already showed the shirts and leg warmers I got for the rave. I really like one of the shirts, the long white one with the yellow print in front, it has cutouts in the back. I love it, it's my new fave shirt. And I also love my new grey hoodie from Victoria's Secret, it is thin and very soft. But I did get some new products too.
I always stock up on a few L'Occitane creams, the day and night cream, been using that line for years now. I mix it up with other products but I really like L'Occitane. I also got an eye cream,
I have not been that diligent at all about using eye cream. I read about this line, Amore Pacific and decided to give the eye cream a try. Then I got some Clarins SPF 40 sun protection for the face. I am not that good with SPF products either, most of the time I forget, or neglect is probably the more appropriate term, to use SPF. But I am going to try harder to remember to protect my face, neck, chest area (décolletage) and hands. I think I got some sun damage from last summer on my chest. I am pale and I have A LOT of moles, so I should be more careful.
Actually twice, some Asian people told me, while pointing out my moles that they mean luck.
I hope so!!!
Then I got some cleansing towelettes by Neutrogena, thought it would be nice to feel fresh after and during a long flight. And it does.
And for the first time ever I got some dry shampoo. In case my hair is a little oily but I don't have the time or energy to wash it. The dry shampoo is by Oscar Blandi. Speaking of hair, I haven't combed mine since work Saturday, I just threw it up in a bun after work and went to sleep.
My hair is now a tangled mess, I don't even want to think about dealing with it. I have lots of hair, all the way down to my butt.......I can sit on it. I actually need a trim.

I love beauty products. I tend to stock up on them and then they just lay in my bathroom on a shelf or a drawer and collect dust. I have an unopened jar of Crème De La Mer that has been in a drawer for over a year. A box of Guinot products that has been laying around for even longer. Just to mention a few.......
I am curious about something called Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. It's like a beauty water that you apply to a cotton ball and press into your face. Been around in Asia for a while. Seems like the Asian countries are way ahead of the US in skin care. They have so many interesting products.
I do use a face mist (beauty elixir) by Caudalie that I absolutely LOVE, it smells fresh and herby. My skin soaks it up and it feels great. I really recommend it if you are looking for a face mist. And I also recommend the L'Occitane day and night Immortelle Precious and Very Precious cream.

I also got some new stuff to work out in. Needed new pants. The cute colorful ones are by Adidas and the dark grey and super comfy ones are by Hard Tail.


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Kaykay on :

What are you using on your hair ? I am always looking for advice. My hair is long also, though it has not been as long as your hair in a long long time. I think a lot of men prefer women with long hair. You have beautiful hair ;-)

Tatiana on :

Here is a link to an entry I wrote a few months ago about what products I use for my hair. I still use and really like all the products I talk about in that entry......

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