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Playa Living

How was my Playa living this year? Compared to the other two years when I stayed in RV's it was much dustier and not as comfortable but I managed. After a few days I had a pretty good routine down with washing my face and body in two large bowls and brushing my teeth.
And I used a lot of baby wipes for everything. I "washed' my hair once, if you can call it that.
I dunked water into one of those green storage bins and attempted to wash my tangled tresses in that. My Playa hair was a mess, I could only get a comb through it a few inches away from my forehead until it said stop. Strangely enough people still complemented me on my ropey looking hair. I bought a twin size air mattress for $12 specifically for this adventure and amazingly enough it made it without popping. This year was very windy, strong gusts swept through the Playa and that means that everything gets covered in fine dust. It got pretty cold at night a few times. I was super cold two nights, I mean like FREEZING cold. So I doubled up on socks and slept in my hoodie.
I survived and got out of the Playa in perfect health, probably stronger than I was before. Didn't even catch a cold.

Here is our camp and my Playa home. My tent is the one to the right and my bike is the white one with the pink and white handlebar basket.

Besides a couple of pairs of flip flops I brought my pink fringe boots from last year and two pairs of other shoes. I wore flip flops during the day and stuck to my pink fringes at night.
I think I'm going to get a few more in different colors for next year (Mandy.....take notice!). Comfortable to dance in. Cute too I think. And I ran in to another person that had them too!

Carnival Of Mirrors

So it took some time getting to Burning Man. The line to get in was long and at standstill for hours. We made it in at some point in the morning on Monday August 31. I was sooooo tired since I had traveled from Kenai to Vegas starting late Saturday night and when I arrived in Vegas there was no time for any rest. I had to get supplies, food and a bike.
This year I was in a tent at Burning Man, the two previous years I was doing the RV thing, it's way more comfortable in an RV than a tent.....that I can assure you of. But having said that, I would do it again in a tent if I had to because being at Burning Man is worth any discomfort. So when we arrived we located our camp and set up our tents. I got to meet some new camp mates and old ones and we caught up for a while. Then I changed into something lighter and headed for Center Camp for a refreshing iced latte and to look through the event book.
This year the Burning Man theme was Carnival Of Mirrors.

I also picked up the BRC weekly and indulged in the latest. I love reading it.

Then I had to take a look at the man.......of course.

And in the evening I needed my dancing fix. I've said it before but I LOVE to dance. Dancing is my drug, my therapy, my release. It makes me extremely happy. I'm a danceaholic. I went to Planet Earth for some Depeche Mode and 80's New Wave. SO GREAT!

Then if I recall it right.....I checked on a place I love to dance at called White Ocean before I biked back to my Playa home and called it a night.

Back To Reality

Well, I survived Burning Man 2015 and I'm back to reality. I will sort through all the pictures I took and start thinking about how to write about my experience. This was my third and best burn. I feel very very happy and have a natural high and energy. I'm also tired, dusty, crusty and dirty. I was sad to leave Burning Man and cried, just like I did the previous times. My time there was FANTASTIC !
More about Burning Man later.......XOXO