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Three Kids Mine

Here are my pictures from this months shoot with Cindy at Three Kids Mine in Henderson Nevada. This is where you can find an amazing work of art called Wheel of Misfortune painted by somebody called Aware. I love this location. I am glad we (me and Cindy) went out there and did the shoot. Thank You Cindy! ❤

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Oldie But Goodie

Here is an oldie but goodie of ME (this pic is already in the blog somewhere). Location somewhere outside of Las Vegas with the wind blowing through my hair. A bebe dress on that I still have. I keep clothes forever.
I have a few photo shoots awaiting. One with Cindy and one with Barry, both photographers that I have shot with before. I had to cancel on Cindy a few times, once because of work and another because I had to help somebody out. Too bad because we had a shoot scheduled on the day of the supermoon that happened a few weeks ago and I totally missed out on the shoot and watching the spectacular moon......disappointing! Plus I don't like cancelling and being flaky, that's not me.
Barry mentioned maybe shooting in Death Valley......I have never done that before, so I hope we can make that happen. Then I might have another shoot somewhere out by Beatty. That is about 100 miles from Vegas and I need to bring a dress that flows. I have not decided on that shoot yet.
But if I do it I will pack a sleeping bag and then me and Chhaya will spend the night in the car listening to Coast to Coast AM. Munch on potato chips and cuddle!

Scenic Curves

My photos are in another coffee table book. This one is called Scenic Curves by Wes VanDinter and can be purchased (hardcover) on Amazon. I have four pics in the book.
"A collection of 172 images from photographer Wes VanDinter (aka "wesfoto").
The work is influenced by the photographer's vast desert surroundings in and around Las Vegas, Nevada (some images are from elsewhere). These are a compilation of landscape images that accentuate the beauty and sensual nature of the models."
If you are looking for a nice coffee table book for you or as a gift for somebody, I think that Scenic Curves is a great choice.
The other coffee table book I am in is called , by WOLF189 photography and that one can also be purchased at Amazon. Also a great book for you or another person that is a fan of photography.

Photographer Wes VanDinter.
PS.....this looks like me in the pic above but it is not me. I had to ask Wes because I thought that was a pic of me but no. The model in the pic is Wendy.

More Cindy Pics

And here are some more Cindy pics of me. The last ones, unless I decide to put up another one at some point......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Latest Shoot With Cindy

Here are some pictures from my latest shoot with Cindy. We went to Mount Charleston which is right outside Las Vegas.

I have a few more pics to show......later.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Thank you Cindy, you are a great photographer!

April Shoot

Last April Barry took me to the Wheel Of Misfortune somewhere on the outskirts of Las Vegas. His wife Bonnie dropped us off and picked us up. I cannot believe it's been OVER a year now since we did this! Unreal!
This was a mid day April shoot in the desert and the sun was hot, bright and unforgiving. The location is quite AMAZING, I mean just being there walking around and taking it all in is an experience in itself. The sun was blasting my face in the most unflattering way most of the time and it was super windy too that day and my hair was all over the place. But here are a few of the pics.

Photographer Barry Gallegos.

Ghost Town

Mine and Cindy's last stop on our photo shoot road trip last month was in Nelson Ghost Town Nevada, not too far from Las Vegas and well worth a visit. I definitely need to go back and I want to bring Chhaya so she can see it too. Chhaya needs some pretty pictures there.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Abandoned House

Cindy spotted an abandoned house next to the road in Searchlight Nevada. So we stopped and snapped some shots.
I love the light coming through the cracks.....and the green ledges around the doors and windows.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Joshua Tree And Tunic

I still have some more pictures from my shoot with Cindy, so I am going to put them up but not all at once so you don't get a "pictures of Tatiana overload" and want to barf all over the screen because you are so over it. I hope I get to shoot with Cindy again, it's fun and I like the results. And you might wonder......"Why does she take pictures" or "Who does she think she is...... like.....a model or something?" I take pictures because I LOVE photography and I enjoy being in front of the camera, you know some people take selfies and share them (I do too) and I am lucky enough to have talented photographers like Cindy and others that are willing to take pictures of me for free. It's an exchange, my time for their time. I have liked photography for a long time, since early teen years. Do I think I am a model? No. I am just an ordinary girl that likes to take pictures. It makes for a nice memory, time goes by fast and a picture capture that moment forever.
Me and the Joshua tree......

In a new tunic that I love but I didn't realize my leggings would show through underneath it (so pardon that blunder).

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Barbie Shirt

Last year I found this Barbie shirt hidden on a sales rack at Dillards, thought it was cute and got it thinking I could wear it at Burning Man or as a fun shirt for a photo shoot. So I brought it with me when me and Cindy shot last month. It was freezing (I was shivering when we took these pics) and very windy that January day. I only wish I would had brought bubble gum so I could blow a big pink bubble just like Barbie does in a few of the pics but I forgot, although it was kind of like something I had planned. Oh well - next time! I think these Barbie shirt pics are very KAWAII!

I don't like my face here but I like the wall extending behind me. So I am adding it anyways.......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.