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This weekend I ran into Sue and Tim that run Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski twice at PetCo. I can report that the last little puppy found a good forever (I hope) home. Look at this little baby! This makes me happy and also sad because there are so many animals out there that don't get the care and love they so deserve. Sue and Tim are doing a great job!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with many misconceptions about the importance of spaying and neutering. They erroneously believe such things that neutering a male dog will make him less of a dog, most likely it's a man that is drawing parallels between his own genitals and the dogs. Or that a female dog should at least have one litter in her lifetime. Not true! I got involved in a small discussion with somebody I know last week regarding that issue. No, a female dog should not have at least one litter. I can quote what the Humane Society says about just that.
"MYTH: It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet." FACT:Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier."
Here are some other facts I found,
"Most of the perceived disadvantages to spaying and neutering are false. The most quoted of these are that "your pet will become fat and lazy." It is true that altered pets do not require as many daily calories as an unaltered animal, but obesity is the result of overfeeding and lack of physical activity, not spaying or neutering. Regulating your pet's diet and caloric intake are important to maintaining a healthy weight. There is no medical justification for the misconception that your female pet needs to have at least one litter before being spayed. Surgical sterilization doesn't cause a change in personality, intelligence, hunting ability, playfulness, or affection."
There is a TON of information out there about spaying and neutering. Educate yourself and please DO NOT spread the wrong information because you have misconceptions about the issue.
The other day I got asked TWICE if I want to breed Chhaya. I have lost count on how many times people have asked me that. Chhaya is a beautiful girl, she gets lots of attention. I always decline (of course) plus I add that I do not believe in breeding dogs. I might as well let them know how I feel.

I could had bred Chhaya already several times and made a nice profit from it. But that would had been WRONG. I can not control how her puppies will get treated once I don't have them anymore. Pitbulls are frequently mistreated, abused and abandoned. The shelters are full of pitbulls awaiting adoption or euthanization. I'm sure that Chhaya would had been a wonderful Mommy and that she would have the cutest puppies ever but that is of no importance really. I do not want to contribute to the problem of unwanted and mistreated pets. That is way more important.
Yeah, your dog might be purebred and have papers. So what? That does not mean that you have to make it your mission to breed it. WAKE UP and get your head out of your ass. You are not doing your dog or anybody else any favors by doing that. Chhaya is a pure bred too and she has papers. I am looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Chhaya having puppies, not some immediate gratification and extra money in my wallet.
Look at this pitbull. Somebody (that deserves a bullet in the head I think) did this to it. This is how animals get treated on an everyday basis. If you think that you will be able to find good and responsible owners to all of the puppies in the litter your dog are a fool.
How would you feel if this happened to one of the puppies from that litter? This could had been prevented. By not breeding.

Boss Lady Is A Hero

Boss Lady did it again! She used her gypsy skills and collected more money for the animal sanctuary in Nikiski. We already did that once, I took a $300 check over there, this is money we collected at work. So some strip clubs actually do give back and do good in society. Actually last Saturday me and Boss Lady joined efforts and helped out a lady and her little puppy that were in some distress.
This time Boss Lady put a cuss jar at the bar, every time you cursed you had to pay a fine. "Had to" should be taken lightly, we don't force people to participate in anything they don't want to. Since I sometimes like to curse (I blame it on temporary bouts of Tourette's) I had some nice men make donations in the jar in my name.....about $50 or so. Boss Lady collected close to $300 again (!) and she and the Big Boss are supposed to take a drive out to Nikiski to deliver the money and check out the sanctuary for themselves today. It's gorgeous out too, a perfect day for a road trip. Here is Chuck with the money. Chuck is one of Boss Lady's much loved and spoiled babies. He is a ferocious Chihuahua.

Boss Lady possesses some very impressive money making skills. She could give any sales people at the markets in Kazakhstan some serious competition, she can sell you anything even if you don't need it. Boss Lady can charm the wallet out of every man with her ways and ample bosom.
I told her that she should become a professional fundraiser person, like a one person Kickstarter. For example, let's say you want money for a certain cause, you would hire Boss Lady and she would in an agreed amount of time collect money for you and then in turn she would get a certain percentage of the profits. I'm sure she would do very well.
I am going to ask her to collect money for me next. I want a new beautiful purse, like Prada, Givenchy or something similar.
Today Boss Lady is a hero. Because of her the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski will get some much needed donations. I do have great news about one of the dogs that I met when I went out to there last month - Buddy. He was shot in the leg and just got left to die by his previous owner (piece of shit). This big cuddly and happy baby got adopted! Look at that face! ❤

"Buddy is one of the reasons we are fighting for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to provide emergency Animal Services to area's outside of the cities here on the peninsula. Buddy was found shot in his own back yard. His leg was broken by the impact of the bullet. He now has a rod in his leg that will be removed in 3 months. He is available for adoption now to a responsible home."

Pic and text borrowed from the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary Facebook page. Check them out on Facebook and like them! :-D

Animal Sanctuary

Me and Boss Lady don't see eye to eye on a few things (related to work) but when it comes to animals she has her heart in the right place. She has three very loved and spoiled dogs of her own and we both agree on that dogs should be loved and spoiled. Unfortunately not everybody agrees. A large amount of dogs recently got rescued here and found a new home at Alaska’s Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski.
Here is some of what was said in the Peninsula Clarion last week about the rescue.
"With bellies still swollen from a lack of food, 35 dogs are on their way to recovery after being rescued Monday. The dogs had been housed in a 10--by-20-foot room and most of the animals likely had never been outside. The crew lined up kennels and loaded the dogs with little hassle and the owners were grateful for the help. “They were doing the best they could,” Whipp said about the owners, who willingly surrendered the animals. Of the 35 dogs — primarily a mix of miniature huskies and border collies — nine are four weeks old, 11 are 1-week-old puppies and two of the dogs are pregnant."
Boss Lady read the article and had a small fund raiser at work Thursday night. Boss Lady is a natural at getting money, she is a better hustler than a persistent gypsy at the market in Istanbul. In no time she had collected $300 and that was on a slow night too. She wrote a check and asked me if I could make a trip out to Nikiski the following day to deliver it.
Of course I could! Boss Lady knows how I feel about animals.

I met the two people running the sanctuary - Sue and Tim, very nice people. They appreciated the check and the treats that I brought along and got very happy when I told them where the money came from. I was there for a while talking to them and petting the dogs. They told me that there is a lot of animal abuse and neglect in this state. As well as rape and child abuse and neglect (that was also discussed amongst us). For the state with the least population the numbers are very high when it comes to violent and cruel acts against women, children and animals, pretty disturbing. That people think it's normal, don't know any better or "were doing the best they could" is something that I don't buy. I am more realistic in my approach to certain situations. You know damn well if you abuse or neglect an animal or a child and IF for some reason you don't, then you should not be allowed to breed your off spring (mandatory sterilization) or have the privilege of being a pet owner. I'm tired of inexcusable behaviors getting excused time after time. And don't fucking breed your pets! Your dog is not some kind of a money making machine for your greedy ass. Have you stopped and worried about what happens to those puppies or kittens that get sold on Craigslist, do you even care? Selfish assholes.
I am going to suggest to Boss Lady that we have a few more fund raisers for the animal sanctuary, they are in need. Here are some pics of the dogs that were rescued.....all of them very sweet.

Then there was this boy that just wanted to be close to me and give me kisses. His "owner" had shot him in the leg and just left him. That exact treatment should be bestowed upon whoever did this to that dog. Well, he was happy when I saw him, wagging his tail and smiling. He has a rod in his hip that will be taken out and he should be good.

A statement I very much agree with. I actually think that people that have kids and can't take care of them for whatever reason, neglect them or abuse them should be sterilized.
That should be the law. Don't make babies until you know that you can be there for them in every possible way. Until then, keep your legs closed, your dick in your pants, use protection or have an abortion - you have options.

I felt a bit sad when I left the animal sanctuary......Chhaya next to me in the car as we drove off. I need to pay that place another visit at some point. And while browsing the Peninsula Clarion tonight I came across this article that I agree with.

There is a mention in it about the Kenai Peninsula being the armpit of Alaska and I have myself thought that on a few occasions. I have seen some very questionable examples of parents here. Drinking is out of control. Drugs. People are throwing their trash all over.
All that bad stuff, it's like a very trashy episode of Jerry Springer. Of course not everybody is like this but many are, too many. GROW UP and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions!
And step up those parenting skills.

No Hunting

Yesterday morning (well afternoon but morning for me) my neighbor Shelley came over with two of those Private Property plates that people put in their yard, driveway etc. She gave the plates to me, I think I need to have her over for some apple pie or something (HI Shelley)....... ;-)
There are so many people driving up and down the roads by my house looking to shoot moose and it's annoying me and everybody else that lives where I do. Look, go out in the wilderness and satisfy your thirst to shoot an animal and eat the meat. I think the whole,
"I need meat in my freezer" comes secondary for most of the people out hunting.
The number one reason is the hunt itself and the feeling they get when they kill that animal. Barbaric.
The other day I was walking Chhaya and two large dudes in a truck pulled up and asked me if I've seen any moose. NO, I have not and if I had I wouldn't be telling you anyways. I don't understand why car after car slowly drives up and down the road where I and several other families obviously live. Can you not see that you are in a populated area? Do I want some trigger happy and possibly drunk dude creeping around my property (8.5 acres) with a rifle ready to shoot everything that moves? HELL NO. I walk Chhaya in the forest around my house, I have no interest in getting shot at. It should be illegal to hunt where people live. Like I said, if you want to hunt for moose go do so where there are no people living! Alaska is huge, don't hang around where I live. I was out for close to two hours last nigh and counted eight trucks and cars driving up and down my road. WTF!? Really now. I'm going to put up a bunch more of those Private Property/No Hunting/No Trespassing signs and start patrolling the roads on foot with my AR-15. Tony Montana style.

Not OK

So here are some bears that were minding their own business (I'm guessing) when some guy (most likely) shot and killed them and now this one can be viewed at the Best Western in Kodiak.

And this one at the airport in Kenai.

This is not OK in my opinion. I am against all trophy hunting, I get upset and saddened by it.
I love animals and because I love animals I eat next to no animal meat, I do drink/eat milk products and eggs, I do wear animal products although I try to be increasingly aware on that point. So I'm not perfect. Giving up meat was not difficult, I very rarely crave it or miss it. Everybody can and should cut down on their meat intake, I think we are brain washed to believe meat should be on the menu daily.
What was the point to put these two beautiful bears in some glass monters? Bragging rights? What good do they do stuffed in a monter?
I don't get it. I will never have any kind of animals hanging on my walls or on my floors as decoration, unless it's a picture or painting. I know that animals have feelings. Who are we to kill and destroy everything on this planet? One day we will deeply regret these actions, just like this Native American (I think) tells it, "When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money."
My new moose friend. I hope he will roam the forest and live unharmed. You want some moose antlers on your wall? Whatever. Do something useful with yourself instead of hunting for innocent animals.


I heard about some bulls in Spain that put a couple of bullfighters (Matadors) in the hospital and the bullfighting had to be suspended. I read up a little about it today but it makes me feel very uneasy and sad. I am, in case you do not know this about me (yet) for animal rights and I do not like to see animals get hurt, mistreated, I don't like zoo's and circuses and any other event that puts animals at risk for the sake of human enjoyment. Bullfighting and that other thing they do in Spain, running with the bulls is barbaric and I can't understand why people would even want to attend a bullfight or go running with the bulls. Oy vey, the Matadors got injured.....poor them! It wouldn't matter to me if they died from their injuries. I am sure that the bulls died a slow and painful death while thousands of people watched and cheered on like bloodthirsty maniacs.....sometimes human beings haven't evolved much since the days of fighting in the Colosseum, which was done to keep the masses happy and oblivious.
Yes, I have been to zoo's and to the circus and to Sea World, a long time ago before I really started thinking about the lives the animals must endure locked up like that. No more such visits for me. Unless I go there to report on some problem or investigate something.You want the circus? Go see Cirque du Solei. You want a zoo? Go to a strip club. You want a bullfight? Go to a some event where people beat or wrestle with each other.
And while I am on this topic about animal rights, let me talk about eating meat. I very rarely eat meat (yes, this includes chicken and fish). I think I've had meat twice this year. And there have been years of no meat at all. People erroneously believe that they need a lot of meat to grow strong and healthy, preferably everyday. This is what the meat industry wants us to believe, because the meat industry makes a lot of money. If people stopped and thought about, or saw with their own eyes, how most of those animals live (if you can call that awful existence living) and under what conditions, some would probably refrain from meat. And the animals are also given all kinds of poison (antibiotics) plus get fed some weird mixture of food that many times is not natural for them to eat (like ground up animals).
If you truly love your pet that you have at home then I think you can take that love a little further and start thinking about how the animals that you consume lived their life before they ended up on your plate or in that burger you ordered form the drive-thru. I have been around enough pigs, cows and horses to be convinced that they have feelings and think, I believe that animals are sentient beings. You can tell when you look into their eyes. So please, I ask you to be gentler to the animals, yourself and the planet and at least reduce your meat intake. Most likely you will get healthier from eating less meat. I have zero meat cravings (except when I visit the Polish Deli in Vegas and see and smell the Kabanosy sausages) and don't miss eating meat. And I feel and look healthy.
But before I start pointing fingers and pontificating, I am not innocent and free from flaws.
I do eat eggs once in a while, I could put in more effort to find eggs from local farmers where I live, where the chickens live good lives. I could and I should! I do eat milk products like cheese and yogurt. And those lattes I drink have milk in them. I tried soy but I don't like it plus I don't know what to think about the reports about linking soy and cancer, they are conflicting.
I know that there is almond milk and other milk alternatives, so I can definitely improve in that area. Yes, I can do more and improve myself, absolutely.

Look at this cutie! I want to give him hugs and kisses!

Happy Ending

Last night I left for work, running about ten minutes late. We are supposed to be there by 10 pm and I'm usually on time.....but not always. While driving along K-Beach (Kalifornsky Beach Road) when I see two dogs, weaving in and out of traffic......both lanes. The dogs were side by side and would not leave the road. The cars were plenty and all slowed down, I was praying that the dogs wouldn't get hit. When I finally caught up to them, I put my hazard lights on and slowed down. Then I pulled over to the side and got out of my car, hoping that the dogs would get in the car. They did come up to my briefly but then they started running again. So I continued a bit more until I could turn around......I parked the car and called the dogs to me. Then I managed to coax them away from the road into an area where there is cattle and rodeo's in the summer time. Again, I got them to come up to me and tried to get them in my car. The dogs looked tired but were frantic and confused, panting acting nervous but friendly. They drank water out of a large puddle and chewed on a pile of manure, obviously hungry. Then they ran away from me again, I kept calling them while they ran towards K-Beach. Luckily another person stopped and she got out of her car and opened the back of her SUV and the dogs jumped right in. I got on the phone with the police and they said somebody was on their way. I drove up to the lady that had the dogs. I think they were more familiar with jumping into the SUV because it was lower to the ground, my truck is high and they probably didn't understand what to do. We chatted, petted the dogs that dug into some burritos she had from Taco Bell in the car. You could see them relaxing by the minute, they had been so stressed out. The police called me back and asked if I could take the dogs to the animal shelter, we decided that the lady would take them into the shelter since the dogs were in her car already and I continued to work. This morning I got a text from the lady, she informed me that she had tracked down the owners through Facebook, the dogs are show dogs and got loose somehow but they are now safely back home.
I can just imagine Chhaya running down a busy road, scared and confused not knowing what to do. I can just hope that somebody would try to save her from getting hit by a car or injured somehow. I tell her frequently that she always has to stay by the house, in the yard with Mommy and that cars are "ouchie". I'm so glad that the dogs are OK, a happy ending!


Woke up with a raspy throat today.....raspy and full of mucus. I got very cold at work a few nights ago, therefore the raspy throat. Not a big fan of icy cold strip clubs, HELLO I'm wearing heels and lingerie, OK? Thought about working tonight but decided to stay in, got some soup at Cafe Rio and an extra hot chai with whipped from Starbucks. Starbucks and Nordstrom have the best whipped cream, I decided. And you know that you can always ask them to make your latte or chai extra hot, right? I always ask for that, I don't like lukewarm drinks.....either hot or iced. So Cafe Rio, Mikey took me there today, my first time and they serve Mexican. Have to say that I had the best tortilla EVER, they make them there in front of you, delicious.

Have you read about the Mickey the "pitbull" that bit the toddler? Well, it says that the dog MAULED the toddler, it looks more sensational like that. Also there are some conflicting reports to what exact breed Mickey actually is. And of course it makes the headlines when there is a pitbull involved, much juicier than lets' say a poodle. I of course hoped that the dog would NOT get euthanized after reading the story. The dog did not charge and attack out of nowhere and unprovoked. I do agree that the boys face is badly injured after seeing some pics. And it is very sad for that little boy. Usually there is a reason why dogs bite, I got bit twice by our dog when I was a toddler and my Mom did not put the dog down. Not because she valued the dog more than me, that is being discussed in Mickey's case, no because she knew I did something to annoy the dog. And I did. Toddlers and family pets do not always go together, unless your family pet is a caged bird or a fish. I don't let toddlers around Chhaya, one she doesn't really like them and two I don't trust the toddlers. No way I would put Chhaya down if she snapped at some kid because it pulled her tail or something. Yes, I LOVE my dog, she is MY baby and I am proud to say that. So Mickey gets to live but I guess the judge ordered that his canines gets removed.....that is kind of mean but whatever. Mickey is alive, he is a cutie, I wish I could adopt him but I can' I hope he finds a good and loving home where he can be a member of the family instead of being chained up. In case some of you don't know, dogs are pack animals and they do not do good if they are kept outside and on a chain. They belong inside with their family = YOU. Obviously Mickey's former owner missed out on that. Some people should not be pet owners, ever. Also always supervise your kids around dogs, even small dogs, especially if there is food involved. Chhaya lets me stick my hands into her food bowl but I know I would be irresponsible if I thought somebody but me could get away with that unharmed. Chhaya is a DOG, not a human, therefore she reacts different than me. Although human being are way more dangerous to our own kind and every other living being on this planet than the animals could ever be.
Yes yes.....I know that dogs sometimes do major harm, seemingly for no reason. But if I was an animal, I too would be majorly pissed off at humans.....humans mistreat, torture and slaughter animals on a daily basis.


Xena.....innocent puppy abused by a human. You can read about her online or search for Xena in my search bar to see what I wrote.


I guess most people in the US are thinking about and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Spending time with family and friends, eating a lot and having a good time if you are amongst the fortunate ones. Maybe being hungry, cold and lonely if you are not so fortunate. Although, just because you are with a group of people doesn't mean that you are know, happy and content with yourself. I see that a lot, people that make sure they laugh the loudest, put on a big show of fake happiness and grandiose gestures and loud talk when really on the inside they are just miserable. And it is so very obvious to the people observing them. Just because you put on a show of being "social and happy" doesn't mean that you are. Far from it. Sometimes (often) the people that don't feel the need to put on a fake show for others are the ones that truly are at peace and happy.
I am thankful for a LOT. For my family and my friends (although they live far away), for the love of my life Chhaya, for having a safe and warm place to call home, that I get to eat every day and all the other comforts that I get to enjoy, for my health, for my amazingly good looks (HA HA!). I am thankful when I savor moments of feeling alive. For that sip of latte that tastes so good. When laying in a warm bath. When curling up under my covers with a great book. When I travel and experience new things. When dancing to some great music. That I am free and get to make my own choices. And no.....I am not having any turkey on Thanksgiving. Chhaya can have some but I will refrain.

Now to XENA. I read about her today and since this is a wonderful story it needs to be on my blog. Xena was horribly maltreated as a puppy. Once again, some sorry excuse for a human did this to an animal. Heartless and sick. One more example of how cruel human being are. And I will say this again, people that do this to animals deserve execution. This is my opinion.

Today this beautiful girl is the best friend of autistic little boy. Since Xena came into his life he has developed a lot. They say that it is believed that Xena is a Staffordshire terrier mix, she looks like a pitbull to me. Her and Chhaya look similar, just different colors. You can read more about this story if you search for Xena the Warrior Puppy. And on that happy note.....
I have to go. It is a rather gloomy day, the kind when you don't really want to do a whole lot......but I have to get going, things are awaiting.

Good Girl

I'm in bed, snacking on pistachios and laughing at Jimmy Fallon. I guess it's Miley's 21st birthday next week and she is planning on a wild and fun party to celebrate. THAT is a party I would loooooove to attend, I bet it's going to be amazing! Miley......please send Tatiana an invitation! You won't regret it....... ;-)

Anyhow. Chhaya attended the doggy class this evening, she was a really good girl. I think we might start going to a class in January so Chhaya can do something different to break up the regular routine and be around other dogs.

I want to touch on a subject that I feel strongly about. When I was in South Dakota (Winner) for work I met a very nice gentleman and we talked about our dogs. He told me about his wonderful Labrador companion and friend but then he said something that made me sad, although I chose not to say anything to him because I didn't want to offend him, or actually offend his wife (that was not present I should add). He told me that his dog is never allowed in the house because his wife thinks that the dog is dirty. So the dog sleeps in a doghouse outside, they live in Canada. It gets cold there. I know people do this and they seem to think that it is perfectly normal and that their dogs are fine and happy living like that. Well, I say they are not and so do many others. Dogs are pack animals, their human family are their pack so when you leave your dog outside you shut them out and they suffer. Of course dogs like to be outside but when you are keeping them company. I do let Chhaya out for a quick pee first thing in the morning and last thing at night, she does her thing and then she runs back home and stands outside the door and I let her back in. Later on in the day we go for walks and/or play outside together. I can never imagine not letting her in and watching her watch me from the outside in with sad eyes, that would be so wrong! Every dog deserves to live as part of it's family regardless of size and breed. If you think your dog is dirty then brush it, groom it and bathe it. Sure Chhaya brings in dirt and gets my bed dirty. But I bring in dirt too, therefore I clean.....besides some dirt won't kill me. Chhaya is curled up in bed with me right now and the companionship and joy she brings into my life is priceless. I can wash my sheets or get new ones but Chhaya is irreplaceable.
If you know somebody that keeps their dog/s outside, please show them the link I am providing and hopefully they will change their mind about keeping their companion outside. ❤

Do I have any other plans this very cold evening? It's - 2 °F that is - 19 °C, in case somebody from Europe is reading this. Brrrrrrrr!
I am going to trim some hair in the neither region. Why? Maybe it's pool time or perhaps work time again? So I am bringing out the heavy equipment for said task. Check back tomorrow for before and after pics!

One more thing before I go. Look at these two cuties, my heart melts over this......I LOVE animals! Jeffrey and Jermaine, two brothers (Lab and pitbull mix), were found abandoned. Jeffrey is blind and Jermaine helps him out. They are now safe at a shelter that took them in and the shelter is looking for a good home for them. I am sure they will find a great place for these two wonderful cuties. Look at them cuddle as they sleep.......awwwwwww! ❤

Photo Credit: Operation Ava