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Vegetarian Awareness Month

October is vegetarian awareness month and I will do my "duty" and spread the word about the benefits you gain from being a vegetarian......
The following is taken from

Vegetarian Diets
Reduce the risk of major killers such as heart disease, stroke and cancer while cutting exposure to foodborne pathogens
Provide a viable answer to feeding the world’s hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops
Save animals from suffering in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and terror of slaughter
Conserve vital but limited freshwater, fertile topsoil and other precious resources
Preserve irreplaceable ecosystems such as rainforests and other wildlife habitats
Decrease greenhouse gases that are accelerating global warming
Mitigate the ever-expanding environmental pollution of animal agriculture

What are you meat eaters waiting for? Start reducing your meat intake.
The misconceptions that you need to eat meat every day to get a balanced diet, stay healthy and feel like you had a meal that satisfied your hunger are just that.....not true.

Harmony Farm Sanctuary

Me an Desi went back to Harmony Farm in Sisters the other day so we could meet the lady that owns the place, say hello to the animals and bring some stuff (donations). Robine (the owner) took her time and walked us through, told us about her place and the animals and we got to meet and pet most of them. I was in animal love heaven. SO CUTE. All of them. And so curious, nice and cuddly.

This baby calf's name is Norman. He was adorable. The most kind eyes with long lashes. He just wanted to be together with us.....most of the animals wanted to be close and part of what we were doing.

A Mama and her baby.

People should spend more time with animals so they can really understand how sentient and beautiful they are......then they should ponder a bit more about if they still think eating meat is a good idea.


I went to the movies twice this weekend to watch two very interesting and good films, both directors were there to speak to the audience. If you can, watch these films!
It's kind of emotional to sink down in that movie theatre seat.....I get all kinds of feelings inside when going to the movies.
First I saw The Last Animals directed by Kate Brooks. She has that dream job, she is a photojournalist and travels all over the world. I admire people like her.
I feel they make a real difference. A few minutes into this film I started tearing up. Basically humans are destroying this planet and killing the animals, greed is behind a lot of the destruction. It's difficult to watch that. But it is reality.
The next day I saw Dog's Best Friend directed by Eryn Wilson. It showed a man in Australia and his story about the dogs he loves and cares for.
I can say this....I don't regret cutting out meat from my diet. I did it for the animals. I don't want to eat what I love, I know they have emotions.
Far from perfect I am, I still eat dairy and I should start cutting down on that too. Animals have done nothing to deserve the horrible treatment they are getting from us humans.
I am also happy that I have managed to care for and love a beautiful and amazing dog - my Chhaya.
I can't put into words how much she means to me.


Today me, Chhaya and our friend Jim drove out to Nikiski with another donation from us at the club. This time it was Boss Lady's idea, so she gets all the credit. I was merely the person that delivered the check and of course I contributed to the $ and some treats not shown in the pic. I met many cute dogs and cats today and got to chat with Sue and Tim that operate the Nikiski Animal Sanctuary. They are great people. Once again, do not breed your pets and take good care of the pet/s you have. Be responsible.

I'm so tired.I was basically out all day and didn't get home until after dark. Jim took some pics of me too that I will put up tomorrow. Now I have to force myself to wash my face and take out my contacts and then I'm going to sleep.
Oh and I'm planning on keeping that chipped nail polish for as long as possible, it's a remnant from Burning Man so I'm not taking it off. I don't care if it looks bad.

Resonates With Me

The other day I came across a very good article about a woman and her rescued pitbull Theodore that resonates with me because of my experiences with Chhaya.
I know I have some dog lovers reading my blog, so if you have time read it
here and smile at the photos of Theodore living a good life now. I tried to pick a favorite picture of him but they are all good. I love it when abused dogs find good and happy forever homes. There are so many dogs that are neglected/abused/abandoned/bred for profit. Almost every day there are stories about severely abused dogs, many of them pitbulls. I wish I could help them all, I feel sick and sad when I read about them. Animal abuse needs to get looked at as a serious crime and offenders need to get harsher punishments and be banned from being around animals and register as monsters. Just like pedophiles are forbidden to be around children and have to register as sex offenders.
Chhaya is an ONLY dog, like an only child. Although I did what I thought was the best for her.....socialized her, took her to obedience classes etc she decided sometime after her first heat that she did not appreciate the presence of other dogs in her face. She had a few doggie friends throughout the years that she played really well with and I wish she could have a friend (or a few) now, because I know how badly she wants to play. But she is unpredictable and very strong. And sometimes dogs get into it with each other. I'm not going to take her to the dog park and hope for the best, meaning that no fight will break out. Even a dog that is considered well behaved can have a moment of not behaving. I remember when I took Chhaya to her doggie training class once and the trainers dog, seemingly unprovoked, decided to jump on Chhaya. The trainers dog, not my ferocious pitbull.
I've learned throughout the years by trial and sometimes error on my part that Chhaya is very territorial. She interacts the best away from the house in a neutral area. She does not like too many strange visitors (in her eyes) coming to the house and she does NOT like kids for some reason, I think they scare her.
I got bit by the family dog twice on the face/head as a toddler and when I was nine years old and visiting Poland a dog bit my hand. I survived and I'm fine and no, the dogs that bit me did not get put down. It is what it is. Chhaya is my best friend, she is a ton of fun, gentle, very polite and well behaved with the people she knows and most strangers too.
Speaking of dogs, we collected over $200 at work that will go to the local no kill shelter. I just have to find the time to drive out there, it's a bit of a drive for me since it's in Nikiski. I can't believe that there are people out there that STILL think it's a good idea to breed their dogs. You need money that bad? I think it's really trailer trash/ghetto behavior to breed dogs. If you need money then why don't you get a job or work extra hours instead of contributing to an out of control pet population problem? Do not fool yourself and others by thinking/saying that you will find good forever homes to all the puppies. Cause you won't.
Although Chhaya has been a problem child sometimes for me (just like LSD to Hofmann) I am SO glad that I got her. Sometimes I wish I would had taken one of her sisters or brothers too and had two little crazy pittskies at home. At least they would had been well taken care of. Never abused, abandoned and not bred.

Me and my (sometimes) little problem child the other night.


Going into work is not a priority when the late evenings are beautiful and sunny. Me and Chhaya ran into a boy moose yesterday evening......the correct term would be bull moose.

He was so pretty and curious about us. He stood and watched us for a while before he decided to run into the safety of the forest, then he came out and looked at us again. I think the moose see Chhaya and want to take a better look at her. I can see it in the way they look at her, ears forward, sniffing in our's SO cute! I was telling him to hide and not walk around in the open so others, meaning people, can see him. Because......SADLY hunting season is just around the corner and there are already plenty of trigger happy crazies driving up and down the roads by my house in their trucks and on their four wheelers scouting for prey. I told the boy moose he can come and live in my yard and sleep behind my house where nobody will be able too see him or hurt him. I would make sure he had fresh water everyday. And carrots.

No, I don't understand the hunting thing. A lot of people around here claim they hunt because they fill their freezer up with meat. OK, perhaps some people do survive like that but most people I know fill up their fridge and freezer by going to the grocery store like everybody else. Unless you live in rural Alaska where there are people that still rely on subsistence hunting. Otherwise I think that the hunting is just a way for people to run around in the wilderness with their rifles out and live out their bloodthirsty video game Rambo soldier fantasies. I think it's gross. And don't even get me started on women that hunt. To me and yes, this is my personal opinion and I am fully aware that opinions are like assholes......OK. But to me women that hunt are the same kind of psychos that sit around with the "boys" and loudly roar for their football team while they crush beer cans into their forehead. SO NOT feminine.
I think that there are enough moose that perish here every year in vehicle crashes. That meat is actually not discarded, people sign up on some list for that meat. A lot of moose calves die every year when they do not survive the winter or fall prey to predators like bears. No need to go hunting for the rest of the moose population. I know that everybody that think hunting is FUN won't agree with me. Whatever. I suggest you start eating less meat. How about that?

This is how I grew up picturing moose and how I still feel about them, majestic beautiful creatures. Her is Skutt with princess Tuvstarr.


There was an earthquake here today! Well, there are many earthquakes on a daily basis all over Alaska but I don't notice all of them. I have felt a few, I think today was the fourth (maybe fifth?) that I actually felt and it was SCARY!
I was downstairs in the hallway walking to the laundry room when the door in the hallway rattled. Like horror movie style rattled like there was a monster in there trying to get out. I got SOOOO scared and screamed out loud. Then I saw the lamps in the living room swaying back and forth, so that's when I made the connection that there was an earthquake happening.
It was a 6.3 magnitude somewhere around Mount Redoubt. Now Mount Redoubt is an active volcano and there are plenty of pics of it in my blog since it is usually visible from the road leading up to my house. Today Redoubt was engulfed in clouds, I did drive to the beach this evening to try and get a good pic of it but you can barely see Mount Redoubt in this pic here. But it's there in the background if you look closely. A pretty blood orange buoy made the pic though!

The tide was low and the sun was setting.

I wore my pretty rain boots.

Earlier I picked up a package. I ordered a pretty necklace from TatiRocks, this is my 6th order from her. I have three body chains, one ring, one pair of earrings and now a necklace.
Picture of the necklace will come up another time.

So Cecil the gorgeous lion that brutally got murdered by some idiot the other day has been making headlines. Some dentist from the US went on a little personal quest challenge hunting expedition to Africa, shelled out a crazy amount of money and can now brag that he shot himself a lion in the most cowardly fashion. What a fucking asshole. If that was my dentist I would stop going to him. Just proof that education and compassion and common sense are not related. Obviously. Complete waste of money. He could not think of anything better to to with the money than to go hunting for a trophy kill? Absolutely disgusting.
I wonder if he feels good about himself now?
Human beings - bringing the end of the world closer every day. No respect for anything, all that matters is you and your ego.

Do me a favor. SIGN this petition!

I have signed three different petitions regarding Cecil the lion now. I don't know if it will make any difference.....but I really hope so.


How fucking cowardly it is to sit and wait for animals to step out of a protected area so you can say you "legally" shot and killed them. People do it here in Alaska too, sit and wait for wolves to step outside of the protected Denali National Park. Animals do not have a sense of where the border is drawn. FUCK YOU all of you fucking bloodthirsty cowards. Is that person that killed this gorgeous lion going to eat him cause he was starving or is he going to stuff the lion and display him in his home? This makes me SICK. You are not my friend if you think this is OK.

(Photo: Zimbabwe National Parks & Game Reserves/Facebook)

Read the whole story


This weekend I ran into Sue and Tim that run Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski twice at PetCo. I can report that the last little puppy found a good forever (I hope) home. Look at this little baby! This makes me happy and also sad because there are so many animals out there that don't get the care and love they so deserve. Sue and Tim are doing a great job!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there with many misconceptions about the importance of spaying and neutering. They erroneously believe such things that neutering a male dog will make him less of a dog, most likely it's a man that is drawing parallels between his own genitals and the dogs. Or that a female dog should at least have one litter in her lifetime. Not true! I got involved in a small discussion with somebody I know last week regarding that issue. No, a female dog should not have at least one litter. I can quote what the Humane Society says about just that.
"MYTH: It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet." FACT:Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier."
Here are some other facts I found,
"Most of the perceived disadvantages to spaying and neutering are false. The most quoted of these are that "your pet will become fat and lazy." It is true that altered pets do not require as many daily calories as an unaltered animal, but obesity is the result of overfeeding and lack of physical activity, not spaying or neutering. Regulating your pet's diet and caloric intake are important to maintaining a healthy weight. There is no medical justification for the misconception that your female pet needs to have at least one litter before being spayed. Surgical sterilization doesn't cause a change in personality, intelligence, hunting ability, playfulness, or affection."
There is a TON of information out there about spaying and neutering. Educate yourself and please DO NOT spread the wrong information because you have misconceptions about the issue.
The other day I got asked TWICE if I want to breed Chhaya. I have lost count on how many times people have asked me that. Chhaya is a beautiful girl, she gets lots of attention. I always decline (of course) plus I add that I do not believe in breeding dogs. I might as well let them know how I feel.

I could had bred Chhaya already several times and made a nice profit from it. But that would had been WRONG. I can not control how her puppies will get treated once I don't have them anymore. Pitbulls are frequently mistreated, abused and abandoned. The shelters are full of pitbulls awaiting adoption or euthanization. I'm sure that Chhaya would had been a wonderful Mommy and that she would have the cutest puppies ever but that is of no importance really. I do not want to contribute to the problem of unwanted and mistreated pets. That is way more important.
Yeah, your dog might be purebred and have papers. So what? That does not mean that you have to make it your mission to breed it. WAKE UP and get your head out of your ass. You are not doing your dog or anybody else any favors by doing that. Chhaya is a pure bred too and she has papers. I am looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Chhaya having puppies, not some immediate gratification and extra money in my wallet.
Look at this pitbull. Somebody (that deserves a bullet in the head I think) did this to it. This is how animals get treated on an everyday basis. If you think that you will be able to find good and responsible owners to all of the puppies in the litter your dog are a fool.
How would you feel if this happened to one of the puppies from that litter? This could had been prevented. By not breeding.

Boss Lady Is A Hero

Boss Lady did it again! She used her gypsy skills and collected more money for the animal sanctuary in Nikiski. We already did that once, I took a $300 check over there, this is money we collected at work. So some strip clubs actually do give back and do good in society. Actually last Saturday me and Boss Lady joined efforts and helped out a lady and her little puppy that were in some distress.
This time Boss Lady put a cuss jar at the bar, every time you cursed you had to pay a fine. "Had to" should be taken lightly, we don't force people to participate in anything they don't want to. Since I sometimes like to curse (I blame it on temporary bouts of Tourette's) I had some nice men make donations in the jar in my name.....about $50 or so. Boss Lady collected close to $300 again (!) and she and the Big Boss are supposed to take a drive out to Nikiski to deliver the money and check out the sanctuary for themselves today. It's gorgeous out too, a perfect day for a road trip. Here is Chuck with the money. Chuck is one of Boss Lady's much loved and spoiled babies. He is a ferocious Chihuahua.

Boss Lady possesses some very impressive money making skills. She could give any sales people at the markets in Kazakhstan some serious competition, she can sell you anything even if you don't need it. Boss Lady can charm the wallet out of every man with her ways and ample bosom.
I told her that she should become a professional fundraiser person, like a one person Kickstarter. For example, let's say you want money for a certain cause, you would hire Boss Lady and she would in an agreed amount of time collect money for you and then in turn she would get a certain percentage of the profits. I'm sure she would do very well.
I am going to ask her to collect money for me next. I want a new beautiful purse, like Prada, Givenchy or something similar.
Today Boss Lady is a hero. Because of her the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary in Nikiski will get some much needed donations. I do have great news about one of the dogs that I met when I went out to there last month - Buddy. He was shot in the leg and just got left to die by his previous owner (piece of shit). This big cuddly and happy baby got adopted! Look at that face! ❤

"Buddy is one of the reasons we are fighting for the Kenai Peninsula Borough to provide emergency Animal Services to area's outside of the cities here on the peninsula. Buddy was found shot in his own back yard. His leg was broken by the impact of the bullet. He now has a rod in his leg that will be removed in 3 months. He is available for adoption now to a responsible home."

Pic and text borrowed from the Alaska's Extended Life Animal Sanctuary Facebook page. Check them out on Facebook and like them! :-D