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It is HOT in Vegas. The first thing I did when I arrived here was to take off my sweaty clothes and got in the shower and washed the dust out of my stiff hair and lathered up with soap.
It felt so good. But I would had gladly stayed at Burning Man for another week, dusty and very happy. I miss it!

I will write more in depth about my experiences at Burning Man when I get back to AK, I am in Vegas now and have people to see and things to do. I am a busy time for any in depth writing right now.
I am zipping around town in this sexy beast.....a neon green Mustang. Fits me perfectly, I was told that I am Viagra at Burning Man. Yes, yes.....I knew that already....... ;-) Now I just have to figure out how to transform my dna into pill form and become a billionaire. Any pharmacist out there that can assist me? Then I can spend my days traveling, going to parties, dance
(I'm a DANCETRONAUT, my new fave word that I learned at Burning Man) and doing lots of good for others and animals. That is basically what I want to do with my life. And sleep, read, eat, get massages and facials.

Well.....I can tell you this much....I feel very happy. I'm in Vegas, I went to Whole Foods again today and to the mall for some shopping. Yeay!

Pay It Forward

I am sitting at Coffee Roasters, finishing up my latte and crying because I have just read some "Pay It Forward " stories online and that makes me cry, I have a very soft heart. I forgot my phone at home, I was going to upload some new pics from it on here but that has to wait to later.
Pay It Forward, isn't that one of the nicest concepts ever, I love that and I have to do more of it. I love making connections with strangers on a pure, selfless level.....the human connection. With nothing wanted or expected in return. Last night at work I whipped out my funds, the cat and dog spay and neuter fund and Tati's Tampon Fund, where all the proceeds will go to a local shelter for women and children and so many people donated. THAT makes me so happy I want to cry even more now but I don't want to scare the barista here at the coffee shop.
I've had some emotional days lately, some sad and difficult things have happened and I have cried a lot, like every day for more than a week but I'm ok. That is how life is sometimes.....unfortunately. I have always said that I am a realist and that life is hard and full of sadness with happiness and fun stuff mixed in to make it better and easier so we can cope with living. Because in the are left alone. Then you die. So sad!
A quick Burning Man original plan fell through and it looks like I will be going to Burning Man alone. My first Burning Man and I am going by myself. I was not going to go first because it didn't feel fun to go on my own but some other Burners told me that The Playa wants me there and that I should just dive in. I think they are right. But I will fill you in on more details when I have made some more decisions regarding it.
Have to run now.....errands and Chhaya are awaiting!


I am SO SAD . I wanted to go to Burning Man this year!!!! I have been wanting to go for years but I didn't, I kick myself because I used to live in Vegas and Burning Man is held in Northern Nevada each year.
And the tickets for this year are SOLD OUT, all of them. AAAARRRRGH!!!! I have been looking at the Burning Man site and almost started crying today. I waited too long, WHY??? And I had a feeling in my gut about the tickets but I ignored it and prolonged getting my ticket.
What an idiot I am. The theme this year is FERTILITY. And I want to participate! It is 2012 and all.
If anyone reading this knows how I can get a ticket, let me know!

I guess EDC in June will be a small solace, since EDC is kind of a mini Burning Man but I want to go to the real deal!
But after reading the Los Angeles Times online today I wonder what the future will look like for my beloved rave community.
I want to go to Burning Man damn it!!!!!

Burning Man

Tatiana is surprised that she encounters many people that never heard of Burning Man, Tatiana is referring to Americans now.
Tatiana is planning on getting her tickets for Burning Man as soon as they get released next year. She has been wanting to go for years now but just didn't do anything about it, well enough of that. It's ON next year!!!
If you want to know more about this event you can google it.
OR check out this blog


If you like reading about Tatiana's adventures, chances are you will like this blog too!
And Sarah, the girl that writes that blog, just returned from Burning Man, so there are plenty of fun pictures to see and lots to read about the event.

A girl at work, Kate, invited Tatiana to go to Ibiza with her next year. That is something Tatiana would like to do too.

Check out my new hair

You like? Tatiana feels like one of the girls from The Crazy Horse show. She is going to start speaking with a sexy French accent.......BONJOUR!
Beside the hair......Tatiana wants to go to Burning Man next year.
The theme is Rites Of Passage. Interesting!
Oh la la!