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December 13....a day of tradition in Sweden. Today we celebrate Lucia and sing Lucia songs and Christmas carols. Lucia has a crown of candles on her head, usually live candles but when younger children participate we often use fake candles.
This is a beautiful tradition and is also celebrated in other countries.
In 6th grade I was Lucia and I was very happy about that. Here I am with my old class mates (klasskamrater) singing....
I was 11 years old (young) in 6th grade, always the youngest since my birthday is so late in the year.

There is a blogger in Sweden - Jonna Jinton....she lives in northern Sweden in a small place called Grundtjärn. Actually the area reminds me a lot about Alaska, especially Kenai where I lived for five years. Jonna has made an amazing Lucia video, LUCIA 2017 - The night of light, that I think it is well worth watching, catches the feeling and spirit about Lucia perfectly.
Click here to watch it.

Natten går tunga fjät, runt gård och stuva.
Kring jord som sol’n förlät, skuggorna ruva.
Då i vårt mörka hus, stiger med tända ljus,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

Natten var stor och stum. Nu, hör, det svingar
i alla tysta rum, sus som av vingar.
Se, på vår tröskel står, vitklädd med ljus i hår,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

Mörkret skall flykta snart, ur jordens dalar.
Så hon ett underbart ord till oss talar.
Dagen skall åter ny, stiga ur rosig sky,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.

And another Lucia song....

Sankta Lucia, ljusklara hägring,
sprid i vår vinternatt glans av din fägring.
Drömmar med vingesus under oss sia,
tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia.

Kom i din vita skrud, huld med din maning.
Skänk oss, du julens brud, julfröjders aning.
Drömmar med vingesus, under oss sia,
tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia.

Trollsejd och mörkermakt ljust du betvingar,
signade lågors vakt skydd åt oss bringar.
Drömmar med vingesus, under oss sia,
tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia.

Stjärnor som leda oss, vägen att finna,
bli dina klara bloss, fagra prästinna.
Drömmar med vingesus, under oss sia,
tänd dina vita ljus, Sankta Lucia.

Chloride Arizona

Cindy and I went to Chloride the other day, an old mining town founded in 1862 located in Arizona. Not too far from Vegas, about an 80 mile drive. Chloride is a very interesting place, I can definitely see the charm of living there. Isolated but still not too far removed from a larger city like Vegas or Kingman. Plenty of retired people in Chloride. And lots of characters.

Cindy told me about some murals. Just WOW.....painted by Roy Purcell in 1966. He named this work of art "The Journey".
He wrote, "The Journey images from an inward search for self".

Many snakes depicted in the murals. Supposedly there are a lot of snakes in Chloride too. Didn't see any.

The number one supermodel in the world - Chhaya.

Cindy taking pictures.

We talked to some locals. Met a nice lady named Natalie that is part of The Spoiled Doves and also running Yesterdays Restaurant. If you want to spend the night in Chloride you can do so at Shep's Miners Inn. We grabbed a bite to eat at The Prospector, pretty good food at very reasonable prices. Heard that Chloride puts on a great St. Patrick's Day celebration. I was actually quite impressed by this town!
Had a great day with Cindy.

Destination Somewhere

Yesterday while enjoying Sunrise Coffee's delicious latte I looked through some pics of today's photoshoot destination.

The alarm rang at 7 am this morning, it took me about 20 minutes to get out of bed. How is the hair? I used a shampoo and conditioner last night that I have never tried before, Emily gave me a sample starter pack to try. Both her and Stacy love it, it's called Monat. Have you ever tried it before?

I picked up Cindy at 9 30 we stopped at Whole Foods and each got a latte, then we drove about 80 miles to our destination.....somewhere. We had a great time, very interesting place.
I loved it. This is towards the end, it was a bit windy and cold but so worth going. Where did we go? Find out tomorrow....I am going to bed now.

Shoot Tomorrow

I have a shoot tomorrow with Cindy. The plan is to go and explore an old abandoned mining town in Arizona and hopefully get some good images. I have not been to this location before so I am looking forward to it. A full day of fun.
Here are some pics of me from previous shoots.....

Photographer Barry Gallegos

Photographer Shutterbug Studio

Photographer Danny McCarty

This Week So Far

This week so far has been busy and hectic. I want rest, rest in my head. I made sure to watch the annual Victoria's Secret show.....let's see. Candice Swanepoel started off the show right, fierce and gorgeous. Her outfit was WOW. She is WOW. I felt bad for the girl that fell on the runway, Ming Xi. Fell in her own hometown while her Mom was watching the show....
The performers were BORING this year. I think that Harry Styles wants to be Mick Jagger.
Did you know that Mick is 70 something and recently became a Dad again for the 8th time (that he knows of at least) and his latest girlfriend, a different girl than the newest addition to the clan's Mom, is 23. Confusing? I know. Mick has it going on though....
Anyhow....the girls were beautiful (back to Victoria's Secret) but I think the kissy faces at the end of the runway are becoming a boring. How about a middle finger up instead? Just for fun!? Or a silly face....something different? And some of the girls can't walk, the runway that is. Please practice.

How about some local Vegas news. Some guy robbed the Bellagio and he is still a free man. The amount he got away with is undisclosed but I think it is a safer gamble to rob a casino and get away with you winnings than bet on the tables and most likely lose. Perhaps I should rob a casino too?
Then while I was sitting and watching TV relaxing the other night, Breaking News comes on.
A SWAT standoff right around the corner from my house, walking distance. My area is hot (Tha Block Is Hot like Lil Wayne said), a few years ago that Nowsch kid shot and killed a lady around here, I drove past the location going home that night and the police were putting out evidence markers for bullets.
Since I am also Tati News I got in my car and drove over to the action, took less than a minute. Nothing interesting to report, the area was blocked off with yellow tape and police cars. Meh. Tati News drove back home and went to sleep.

The other night I went over to Roxy's house for glögg, snacks and non stop talking for a few hours.

This was the view on one of the walks today with Chhaya.

I spent this evening with my laptop. Watched a Swedish show.....and now it's bed time.
I actually had a rather taxing day today, I am looking forward to sleep and letting my mind and body rest.

Destination IKEA

It was destination IKEA today for some comfort food. I spent several hours last night watching Swedish TV and missing Sweden. So the best remedy I could think of was a visit to IKEA. I got the vegetable balls for me and the meatballs for Chhaya. If you present the IKEA family card at the restaurant you get a free coffee with refills (påtår in Swedish).

I ❤ Sweden.

The view from the IKEA parking lot. It was windy today and the temperature dropped.

Chhaya devoured the meatballs.

Tomorrow night the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs on TV, this year it was held in Shanghai. I LOVE the Victoria's Secret fashion show! The girls, the it! I have to watch it. They had the Miss Universe contest here in Vegas the other night, that doesn't interest me at all although when I was a kid I would watch it but now I find it kind of lame. Beauty competitions feel so outdated.....the girls are trying to come off as caring and selfless (yeah right) when they answer the "deep" questions when in the end all that matters is the parading around in a bikini and getting that crown.
Back to the Victoria's Secret models.....I really like Bella Hadid. Her body, long limbs, flat stomach, nice waist. And I like her face. Yes, I know she had surgery on her face but even I that is natural would consider going to Bella's surgeon. The nose and lips are gorgeous. So....should Bella take The Weeknd back? I think they were cute perhaps she should. If he truly realizes what he lost and understands what he had when they were together. Selena and Justin should be a couple, besides Bella is so much prettier than Selena and I suspect more mentally sane. Yes....I sound like a teenager now but I really like Bella.
Oh.....and the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement? I think they make a GREAT couple! They look happy, so congratulations!
What's a month left to my birthday. And I need to go to bed now. Tired.

Destination Vegas

So destination Vegas for a usual I have been very busy since I arrived in town.
Let's see....A spectacular display of colors sunset right past Beatty.....I wish I could had stopped and watched it and taken more and better pics but I was in traffic.

When I woke up the next day I got my latte from Madhouse Coffee and the Las Vegas Weekly to see what's going on in town. Since I got here it's been record heat. 80 degrees at the end of November is hot for Vegas.

Yesterday I met up with my cafe crew and had Thanksgiving with them. Here I am with Emily (the owner) and Stacy (the manager). My girls. I miss them.

Chef Gabi was not with us but she baked a delicious apple pie that I was very happy to gobble down, I sent her this pic thanking her for her talents in the kitchen.

I had one drink and some sparkly wine, so I felt very funny and tipsy. A selfie with some lime made a lot of sense.

And tonight I had dinner with my friend Theresa at Grimaldi's. We both love Margherita pizza so we had one each.

It's getting late and I am taking Chhaya on a walk around the neighborhood. Then sleep.
Busy day tomorrow again.

Welcome To Nevada

Welcome to Nevada.....yes I am in Nevada, took a little trip. It's late and I will sleep soon.
My right ear and the right side of my throat hurt when I swallow. I drove through a small town called Denio. It's on the border of Oregon and Nevada, the Nevada side. People live there (in Denio), I don't know what they do there but people live in all kinds of places. I guess I could live isolated far away from everything if I lived on a very large farm/ranch of some sort with many animals that I could occupy myself with. And internet. And a twice yearly trip to NYC and some other big city to break up the farm life. If no animals and internet I would have to escape. Now it's sleep time......I have not reached my destination yet. Continuing the journey tomorrow.

Turkish Coffee

Sunday today.....woke up a bit too early. Fell back asleep again with Chhaya cuddled up close to me. I loooove sleeping together with her.
Then I went and got a latte of course, read up on the latest news and met Desi at the gym so we could move around bit and not be stagnant. I really wasn't in the mood to move anything today so I had to really force myself and I felt cranky about doing cardio for a few minutes but afterwards I was happy that I did drag myself to the gym.
Then I did errands and got food. Normal Sunday stuff. Decided to try an ice cream called Turkish Coffee. Very coffee tasting.

Can you believe Christmas is around the corner? And 2018? 2017 is coming to an end.

Comfort Food

I got up early today, it was still dark out. When I got breakfast the sun was out and the window was slowly thawing up at the place I got my poached egg croissant from.....still no snow outside though.

Returned home, ate my breakfast in bed and went back to sleep. When I woke up it was after 2 and I had anxiety. Not because it was after 2, just because and why I don't know. I felt uneasy for several hours, it is just a gnawing feeling inside.....difficult to describe. I figured I needed comfort food today so dinner consisted of soup and mashed potatoes with gravy. Now it is early evening and dark out. I feel a bit better. I think. Still not feeling like my normal self. I hope tomorrow will be better. I am going to the gym tomorrow and doing a bunch of errands, that will keep me busy.