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It is getting late on Christmas Day.....everybody is sleeping except me and Tomten maybe?
Here is about half of the poem "Tomten" by Victor Rydberg and the English translation.
Enjoy and goodnight.
I hope everybody had a merry, nice and cozy Christmas. God Jul.

New Collages & Milk

I put up some new collages on the boring walls in the club. Some fun and empowering ones....I like the empowering ones because I have heard so many negative opinions about dancers. Mostly from people that have no business opening up their mouths to say anything bad about anyone in the first place. Two great examples are some people that I used to know (but no longer and am I ever so grateful for that). The dude with the serious anger and drinking problem.....that ended up with the drunk slut (words by his own Mother). Nothing like pairing up with somebody that fits you well, congratulations! And that loud alcoholic who has so much positivity to spread.....she spread her legs all over her hometown in Illinois so much so that everybody had a try.
Those two certainly should keep their tobacco stained gaps shut.
I have met so many girls that dance who have their affairs well in order.

And some serious stuff about the state of today's society. It is not is REAL.

I really like this palette by Urban Decay. These are on sale now.

Milk! We have milk for sale.....$50 an ounce and it sells like it is going out of style. 8 ounces equals $400. The baby can eat formula.

And before some self appointed moral police decides to call the health department, all the milk goes to the baby - we do not sell breast milk at the club, I am only joking. All we are selling and shelling out is some good old fashioned abuse.

Tea & Winter Solstice

I started my day with some tea and cookies and Townshend's Tea Company - so yummy and relaxing. It is my time to just slowly start my day, I read, think, plan my day, plot evil stuff (lol), write sometimes and relax.

My plan was to go and pay for some layaway Christmas gifts at Walmart today....Tyler Perry did that and I thought it was such a great idea and wanted to do it as well. Tyler spent about what POTUS gets in his yearly presidential salary. I can't match that amount but thought I would shell out about $150. Well.....guess my surprise when the lady working behind the customer service counter told me that the layaways had to be paid for and picked up by December 10. What? I think that is weird. What if you would want to get your kids some Christmas gifts and wait until about the second week in December, put the stuff on layaway with the intention to pay for and pick it up right in time for Christmas Eve? No, I guess that is not a possibility at Walmart, you have to do it before December 10. Whatever! I was annoyed. Now I am thinking I will give away some food and maybe some well needed items to a couple of homeless people in Portland instead. There are a LOT of homeless in Portland.

Winter Solstice today! And Capricorn season has begun. I am a Capricorn. Best sign in the zodiac..... ;-)

Portland Stuff

I spent a couple of weeks in Portland and here are a few pics of what I did.
Met up with a friend to talk.

Drank latte everyday in different up on the latest Portland stuff.

Check out these beautiful homes!

And this Christmas tree.....are you feeling Christmasy yet? I'm not. There is no snow here and I'm kind of just like always I am excited to give away some nice presents. This year I got inspired by Tyler Perry and I am going to do what he did this year but in a much smaller scale of course. One does what one can.

Driving around in Portland. Not like Bend where it is downtempo and you get from point A to point B in a short amount of time. It is also easier to drive around in Vegas where the infrastructure in general is newer and gives you more room. Portland driving is bumpy, pot holes everywhere, winding roads, hills all over and confusion in general.

I am back to the calm in Bend now but I will be returning to Portland soon and it looks like I will be spending a lot of time there next year.


Today I went to ScanFair, a Nordic craft fair that was held in Portland over the weekend. I had pancakes and glögg....probably the best glögg I've ever had.

I still believe in tomtar (gnomes), trolls and all the other mystical creatures that exist in nature with us. I grew up reading these stories.

Midvinternattens köld är hård,
stjärnorna gnistra och glimma.
Alla sova i enslig gård
gott intill morgontimma.
Månen sänker sin tysta ban,
snön lyser vit på fur och gran,
snön lyser vit på taken.
Endast tomten är vaken.

(Excerpt from "Tomten" by Victor Rydberg)

Magic mushrooms are often found in art together with Santa. There is a reason for that, old history there.


Lily an elephant that was born in captivity at the Oregon Zoo died two days ago, a day before her 6th birthday. She had a virus that is found in elephants in the wild and in captivity. A vigil for Lily and a protest against the zoo in general was held there this evening. When I found out about it I wanted to see it for myself. According to one of the signs 21 elephants have died inside the Oregon zoo. Lily was the latest elephant to die.
I am of course very much against animals being held in captivity for human enjoyment. I am against circuses that use animals for entertainment and places like Sea World. If you want to see animals, go out in nature or watch Animal Planet or something like that.
Sure it it also dangerous for elephants to live in the wild, SADLY because of poaching. But just because elephants in the wild risk succumbing to poachers does not make it right to keep them in zoos. I was reading random comments when looking up the Oregon zoo earlier that some people used holding elephants in zoos as a good reason for them not to be in the wild and therefore not die in the hands of a poacher. Like zoos would be a safe place for them.
It is really not OK to support places like zoos in 2018, people should be more enlighten by now and realize that this is animal abuse.


I am in Portland and I will be here for about a week.

I am staying in an area called Hillsdale and walking distance from the house there is a great bakery called Baker & Spice, they have delicious pastries and OK latte. The reason it is just OK is because they don't have frequent customer clip cards. I think every great coffee shop should have something like buy 10 coffee or lattes and get the 11th free. On top of quality coffee and baristas that know what they are doing of course.

On today's agenda, get gas at Costco (the cheapest gas around here), go to the bank, walk the dogs and go to the gym (I got a trial membership for free at River's Edge Hotel). There is a Swedish event this weekend that I want to go to.

I Work Hard So....

Today I found the best mug, it says "I work hard so I can give my dog a better life". I ❤️ it!
And last week I spotted some of the cutest post cards I have ever seen, I looked up the artist, she is a local and her art is amazing. Her name is Megan Myers and her site is
I got two cards today and I would like to purchase a print or two. I love everything that has to do with humans and animals, also mermaids and faeries.

Speaking of dogs, I am happy to read that that South Korea has shut down its largest dog meat slaughterhouse.
"About one million dogs are consumed every year and activists have sought to end the custom.
Dog meat was once considered a delicacy in South Korea, but attitudes have changed in recent years.
"This is a historic moment," Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) said in a statement. "It will open the door for more closures of dog meat slaughterhouses across the country, expediting the decline of the overall dog meat industry."
Here is the full article

Even President Moon of South Korea evolved and recently adopted a rescue dog, GOOD JOB President Moon!

Happy Thanksgiving

Try to only talk about fun and light topics and if you can't do that either because you are itching to loudly educate everyone about your views on politics and religion then sit your ass in front of the TV and get lost in that football game.
Do not traumatize you child or children and others with you violent drunken self, they probably have enough of that behavior already coming from you. Do not insult family members with your embarrassing "I am better than you all" attitude. Refrain from showing off your guns and bragging about them when intoxicated - nobody cares and nobody wants to get shot.
People that become violent when they drink should not drink at all. Many will probably have an upsetting day today due to somebody ruining Thanksgiving and often alcohol is involved but in the end it doesn't matter as long as everything looks PERFECT on social media!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

It's Tuesday before Thanksgiving, which falls on Thursday November 22 this year. A day when many eat until they can't button their pants, then eat some more, watch sports on TV and then hope to score some great deals shopping the following day also known as Black Friday. If you want a good time you should go to a Walmart on Black Friday, you might get trampled or times!
The whole traditional Thanksgiving story seems a bit misleading, the true history behind the Pilgrims and the Native Indians is somewhat different right? I am definitely not going to eat turkey but I do enjoy gorging myself on mashed potatoes and pie. Lots of pie. As long as it's not pumpkin pie - yuck.
I read an article in exotic and I thought it was so on point that I will share some of it here.
The article is called "Top 5 Things You Can't Talk About This Thanksgiving" and it's written by Brad Cox.

"Here we are again - celebrating the rape and pillage of native culture, but who cares, right? Because, turkey?
So, here is a fresh-as-fuck list of the five things you should not bring up at your family's Thanksgiving dinner this year.
1) Your Progressive Political Views (Or, Your Conservative Bullshit)
Here's the thing about politics: it's fucking stupid and your opinion is probably stupid, too. That shit is so complex, that even people with PhDs in political science don't tread on the entire spectrum of conversation. The chances are pretty fucking good, that if you are younger than thirty, your opinions are both ill-conceived and based on mostly emotions. Have you ever heard the saying, "Fuck how you feel?" Well, it's true - no one cares how you feel, other than you and your equally under-informed friends. I am just so tired of people screaming at each other via keyboards - abut economics and foreign policy - do you seriously think that you have even a basic idea of how that shit works? Because, you definitely don't, and it definitely annoys people who actually know enough to know that they don't know anything."

WORD! Brilliant! Especially the last sentence. Then the author of the article goes on about four other things you shouldn't talk about this Thanksgiving. Here is the article,
I too am tired of besserwissers pontificating their political beliefs. On one hand I think it is great that people talk to each other and discuss what is going on in the world, this is important AND necessary. I mean, I do the same here on my blog....over and over again I talk about how I feel about certain topics, including politics. But when somebody refuses to listen to a different side of things and is narrow minded....ugh. Just NO. All I know for sure is that I don't know everything and that you have to be kind to animals and refrain from harming innocent people.
One more thing, the three people that got murdered, shot at a hospital in Chicago yesterday won't be celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones. Another crazy man with a gun on a mission. Did he also "suffer" from PTSD like the dude
that shot and killed 12 people in California earlier this month supposedly "suffered" from. Yeah PTSD my ass, such bullshit.
So....HAPPY Thanksgiving ya'll! I am THANKFUL every day (well most days) for a lot.
Speaking of something positive, nature does unite us. So go for a walk and look at the beauty of nature. Just don't leave your trash behind, I am tired of picking up litter after selfish assholes.