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I am writing this 3,000th entry somewhere on the Oregon Coast in a super cool bookstore filled with amazing books and stuff, the WiFi password is Bukowski and I am pretending that I am a world renowned author typing my next big novel.
I will have a lot of pages to print when I am ready to start printing out my blog so I can put it away in a drawer and read it at some point in my life. Right now I feel like I won't renew the blog after next renewal date which falls in August of next year. This is how I feel now, so that is of course subjected to change. I am writing less nowadays by far, I am busy with other things although I still love writing, photography and expressing myself. Perhaps I am done sharing certain things about me and what I life has changed in the last few years and it certainly has changed since I left Alaska and as far as personal relationships fot the much better since Kenai.
But there is almost a year left until August of next I can probably come up with a few more entries until then. Thanks for reading and if you are bored you can always entertain yourself and read the blog from the beginning. 3000 entries to enjoy. You know that you need Tatiana! :-)

10 Principles

For some years now there has been widespread criticism of people going to Burning Man for the wrong reasons.....mainly the Instagram "models'/"influencers" and the presence of "plug and play" aka "turnkey" camps. To me those are not real models, anyone can squeeze into a one piece bathing suit, (important to hike it up in between the butt cheeks) and some platform boots, glue rhinestones on a captains or steampunk hat and apply stickers to the face. Throw in something with a unicorn as well and voilà you are Instagram photo ready! As far as influencers go, there is not a single "influencer" that has influenced me to purchase a laxative diet tea, some vape product or whatever else they might be promoting. Yeah....the Instagram "culture" and those "models" striking the same poses at Burning Man is in my eyes (I roll my eyes when I see them) lame. I got a couple of platform boots back in 2002 in London that I still have, although comfortable and super nice I would never wear those at Burning Man.....biking around all day in platform boots? No thanks but to these "models" image is everything and being at Burning Man is giving them photos for their Instagram and that it all that matters.....not Burning Man and what it stands for, which by the way is governed by the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

I think these "influencers" should just stick with Coachella. As far as the turnkey camps, one camp banned by Burning Man was a camp called Humano the Tribe, they charged people outrageous prices to camp with them and yes some people are willing to pay those amounts. Which is OK I guess but me personally I would never do that even IF I had that kind of money to throw around. I would much rather purchase a general entry ticket, share an RV and do something good with the rest of the thousands of dollars left over. Humano the Tribe charged between $25,000 - $100,000 for a luxurious tipi and organic meals and whatever else they provided. WTF???
But it is what that camp did or did not do at Burning Man that got them banned and rightfully so.
All of this resulted in a letter from Marian Goodell back in February.

But as this year's art theme Metamorphoses.....everything changes and that applies to Burning Man as well. I think that once the cool factor of Burning Man settles and/or the models inhale too much dust and decide that Burning Man is a bit too harsh for them and their carefully applied fake image then things will level out.
Burning Man is still saturated with people that are there for the event and what it stands for.
I especially like the Earth Guardians. I attended a couple of presentations there this year about the environment and also about the search for Kraken the giant squid (I am fascinated with deep sea creatures).

And I also love the Dr.Bronner's camp, this year they called themselves Fomogenesis. It is the foam camp but their message is deep, educational and important. They too offer presentations, there is a lot to learn and soak in there besides the foam.

Now do I take pics of all kinds of things including myself at Burning Man? Absolutely. And I will continue to do that. But I do not go to Burning Man with the sole purpose of getting "sexy" pics of myself posing on the playa in the "right" outfit so I can feed my Instagram flow. That was never my purpose. At this point in my Burning Man journey I feel that I have to PARTICIPATE more and more.
Only attending felt like not enough halfway into my second Burn.

Barista & DJ

I did some volunteering this year again as a barista in Center Camp. Like always - FUN! I ❤️ Center Camp, such a great place!

And I also had three DJ slots at Planet Earth. Tuesday night I did an hour of Depeche Mode tribute to a mostly empty outdoors dance floor. But I had the playa to look at the whole time and that is not a bad view.

Then I had one slot Friday night and another one Sunday night inside.

I ❤️ Planet Earth.


The art theme for Burning Man 2019 was Metamorphoses. The amount of work, creativity and dedication that it takes to make and bring the art to the playa is so impressive.
I will quote what Burning Man has to say about this year's art theme. Because I can't say it better than they do.
"Burning Man is routinely described as transformative. At the personal level, a transformative experience. At the group level, a transformative event or culture. What does that really mean?

From “It changed my life” to “it’s changing the world,” Burning Man is a million stories, and the through-line across them all is change. Mutability. A tempering or annealing, like metal in a forge or glass in a kiln. Shedding the dross, revealing the true nature within. A crucible of souls.

We look at ourselves and think: I want to change. My surroundings, my community, my company, my city, my country. Innovation, modification, diversification. Evolution and revolution. But how much of this is will, and how much destiny? Do our true selves lie within, like the form inside the sculptor’s marble, waiting to emerge? Or must we find some north star, set a course, and lash ourselves to the wheel? In a world of manufactured desire and alluring spectacle, can we trust our own instincts?

As much as the personal journey of change may consume us, it takes place in a broader context, a tapestry of interrelated transformations of which ours is but one thread. Looking beyond the horizon of the self, we are surrounded by and inseparable from a world in constant transition. The political landscape and the physical landscape, our planet, in a cascade of tipping points. Do we have the power to influence these changes rather than just lament them, to bend the arc of history? And if we don’t have that power, does anyone?

This year’s theme is a celebration of change, and an exploration of uncertainty. As such it invites a consideration of time; not its circular nature, or its attendant ritual, but in this case the relentless flight of time’s arrow, and an embrace of the elusive now. Memory is fickle, and the future is uncertain. None of us knows what he or she will become, but we can seek to understand where we are at this point in our transformative trajectory, this fleeting chord on the strings of existence.

Transformation happens whether we believe in it or not; but if we have learned anything in our Burning Man experience it is that we do have a say in our own futures, that agency is ours if we choose to pursue it. While we may never know the ultimate outcome, there is a shared belief that our dreams matter, and that together and as individuals we have the power to shape our own stories and transform ourselves in positive ways."

How do you not just love this? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ THAT is Burning Man to me, when people ask.....what is it like and why do you go, describe Burning Man..... THAT is one reason why I go and just the FEELING I get when being there. I am SO grateful that I went that first time (I should had gone years sooner when I first heard about Burning Man back in 2004 or so while camping at a hot spring in Nevada) and I am grateful that Burning Man and who I am fit well together.
As usual I saw far from all the art. I made a promise to myself to put away some hours the first two or three days next time (hopefully next year) to ride around and see as much as I can of the art.
But here is some of it.


Wings of Glory

The Folly

Temple of Direction

The Man

A mushroom art car that I liked a lot.

My Home For A Week

The home for a week. Biking around feeling the wind taking hold of me and feeling free, soft playa dust, the sun setting and everything turning golden. This place is amazing.

One Week

I have been back from Burning Man for one week now. It takes a while to reintegrate to reality. Plus there is an RV to clean, laundry to be made and stuff to clean and store until next time. I have boxes just for Burning Man.

This year's What Where When book and playa dust that is waiting to be put into something else.

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit (everything changes, nothing perishes) by Orvid in his Metamorphoses (a poem) and also this year's art theme.

Yeah....I am back to reality. It is always bittersweet, that one week at Black Rock City goes by so fast. I would like to get and Early Arrival pass and be there for about ten days to get MORE out of the event, to see Black Rock City get built before the majority of the people get there. Maybe next time?

Playa Hair

It is time to wash my playa hair this evening. I will use Pureology Strength Cure shampoo and conditioner. Forget about even attempting to comb this mess before any conditioner has been in it. So yes....back from a week at Burning Man and as always it feels kind of BLEH that it is over. :-( Pictures to go through, stuff to clean and clothes to wash before any blogs will be up about Burning Man 2019 - Metamorphoses.


Yesterday I HAD to see what the people and Rose City Antifa plus the Proud Boys planned rally would be all about. The last time this happened in Portland I was in Sweden but I wasn't going to miss it this time.
Members of the Proud Boys, a far-right neo-fascist organization, had arrived in Portland to get some attention. They are not welcome here. After looking a bit into what the Proud Boys stand for I understand why they are not welcome. They glorify violence, they believe that women are lazy and subservient to men, of course they are against feminism. Also they are anti semitic and against pretty much everyone that isn't white and heterosexual. I was hoping to be able to hear what the Proud Boys had to say but I didn't see much of them. There were a few clashes of people but the Proud Boys were pretty much missing in action, I got there too late I later found out. I did witness a few of them get transported out of downtown in a couple of buses and there were some loud arguing during that. And two guys drove up and down Naito Parkway in way too loud lifted up Ford trucks with the American flag hanging out, spewing dark fumes out of the exhaust. A display of LAME.
Antifa has received lots bad rap lately but I do not think they are as bad as people that listen to the news think that they are. I suspect that far right groups like the Proud Boys and others are responsible for way more violence (really BAD acts of violence) than antifa. Trump has mentioned that he is considering branding antifa a terrorist organization but if he goes through with that then the Proud Boys and similar groups should be branded terrorist organizations as well.
There was a LOT of law enforcement presence downtown, it was interesting to be there and witness it. People were chanting, "Whose town? Our Town", the energy was up. The public had been advised to stay away and don't get involved but the right to assemble is written in the Constitution and I believe in that right.
Majority of the people were friendly and respectful but ready to loudly stand their ground with the message that fascism is not welcome in Portland. Or in today's society. There were regular people like me there mixed with masked protesters that might had been members of antifa (I didn't ask). Young and old, women and men. All together.
I left after about two hours. I have read up about Rose City Antifa and what they stand for is something that I absolutely agree with. It is great that antifa (anti-fascists) are out there standing up against far right groups. I might join them.

That's right!

Two buses with a few of the Proud Boys in them.


I have to tell you about a sex toy massager robot (if I got the description right) called Osé that was developed by a team of women. The founder of Osé, Lora Haddock lives here in Oregon, actually in Bend where her company Lora DiCarlo is located. The Osé was presented at this year's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and won an innovation award which later was rescinded to my understanding.
HOWEVER.....the Osé "mimics all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue and fingers for an experience that feels just like a real partner" so if that sounds interesting you can find out more about it at
It is nice that women are designing products meant for enhancing sexuality. It has been and still is a heavy male dominating world.The Osé will be available later in 2019. IF I try it (please send the Osé to Tatiana in Portland ;-) ) I will write a detailed review here.

Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie

I have been wanting to see Marilyn Manson live for years now and last night it finally happened! Me and thousand of others at the Moda Center in Portland screamed when he got on the stage. I was so excited!

I would definitely see him again. Love his music. And his voice.
And when Marilyn Manson was done it was time for Rob Zombie. And WOW what an amazing energy he had! I was super impressed. Interesting fact, he is a vegan. He stopped eating meat decades ago after watching slaughterhouse footage. My kind of person! That is basically what made me decide to become a vegetarian.

This Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie tour is called Twins Of Evil: Hell Never Dies. If you are interested in reading a good review of it, here is one that I found that pretty much sums it up.