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Palindrome Day

Today is palindrome day! 02 02 2020. Doesn't happen too often. Although it was palindrome day, my day was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Vanilla latte in the morning (more like noon which is morning for me), errands like post office and grocery store in the afternoon and laundry in the evening. It's almost midnight now and I will spend the next few hours reading and relaxing.
I also want to announce that I am a genius (a literary genius), officially. I did a test that consisted of knowing the meaning of 17 words and since I got all 17 right I am a genius. But I knew that already. ;-)
"CONGRATULATIONS! When it comes to words and language you have quite the vocabulary and you may just be a literary genius! You love to read and discuss your ideas with your peers. You are in constant search of meaning through social interaction, media, real-life experiences, and books. Your peers consider you an eloquent and influential speaker. You probably get a standing ovation at least once a week! Splendid work!"
Sounds like an accurate description. Standing ovation at least once a week?
Well of course! Happens all the time, sometimes a few times a day.
Well, I am going to continue my evening now. Paws ❤️.

Meatless Monday

It's Monday.....yeay?! Make this a meatless Monday! I tried a few more plant based products, these ones are from Lightlife.

And since I am on the subject of eating less meat and more veggies and fruit, see for yourself how that could improve your health. And who doesn't want to be healthy? Or healthier at least.
Again....make this a meatless Monday!

Friend's Day

In Finland and Estonia Valentine's Day is also known as Friend's Day, I think that's nice. Friends are very important. Appreciate them.
Four years ago I was sad because I had just went through a very traumatic breakup. Everything felt dark and difficult and I was sad, hurt and traumatized. Rightfully so because what I went through due to another person's callous actions I do not wish on anyone. But time went by and I started feeling better....slowly. It took time. Some people gave me advice that consisted of "go out and get drunk or get laid" but that is so not who I am, that was not even on my radar. Instead I talked to friends (again friends are very important) and sometimes strangers about what I was going through, cried (for months) and read a lot about other people's heartbreaks, healings and life journeys.
Four years later and I am GRATEFUL that I did not end up with a person capable of such cruelty. He was right in one thing that he said, I would not had been happy in his neck of the woods. I definitely do not belong there. Now somebody else can deal with that kind of a twisted, cruel and sick personality mixed up with angry and scary drunken rages. I am GRATEFUL that I don't have to. I could say so much more about this, it would make for a great blog entry, so perhaps one day.
But today I am not going to dwell on the past too much.....instead Happy Friend's Day or Valentine's Day! ❤️
I ate chocolate and had a nice day together with four legged friends and a special person in my life.

Beyond Meat

I am very happy that this year's Golden Globes menu was all vegan. NO meat! YEAY! For all of you that still eat meat and have a difficult time imagining a life without eating meat I have a suggestion for you.....Try Beyond Meat, delicious and healthy! Better for the environment. Better for your health. And no animal had to suffer and die.
From, "A peer-reviewed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) conducted by the University of Michigan compared the environmental impact of the Beyond Burger to a ¼ lb. U.S. beef burger. The result? A Beyond Burger uses significantly less water, land, energy, and generates fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than a beef burger."
I don't eat meat and that includes chicken and fish (for some reason some people seem to think that chicken and fish are not animals and always ask me if I eat that. NO I don't). The only time I am slightly tempted to take a bite of something with meat is when I am inside a Polish Deli and smell a sausage called Kabanosy. I grew up eating that and my mouth salivates when I smell it. Other than that NO I do not miss eating meat, chicken, fish and other creatures from the ocean whatsoever.
To be precise I eat a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet which means I eat dairy product and eggs. I am looking into ways to cut down my dairy consumption with other alternatives and as far as eggs go that is not even a weekly thing for me. My last two egg cartons came from a local place where the hens live their life without being confined to suffering in an egg factory.
When random people sometimes get into discussions with me about how they have to eat meat because their body needs it and bla bla bla I just feel that they are stuck in their backwards non forward close-minded ways of thinking with no ability to even want to try something different or change. They have been fed hamburgers and steak since childhood and that is what they are used to. But for all the open-minded people, check out Beyond Meat next time you are shopping for food and try that instead of meat.

Year Of The Rat

So the year of the rat is officially here - Happy New Year (again)! I feel bad for the people of China that are at risk for being infected with a potentially deadly virus. I feel bad for the people of China in general, it does not seem like a fun place to live, citizen control to the max.

So for like a year now I have been eating this salad, it is SO good. I usually add tomatoes or a bell pepper and a cranberry and walnut salad topper. I am not tired of eating this salad and I have it at least once a week. And I have also been trying different Beyond Meat products. Very yummy.
You want to become healthier? Skip the meat and try this salad. Or any salad.
Also, seems to me that all the dangerous viruses like the coronavirus for example are somehow linked to unsanitary animal meat handling practices and people eating that meat. Plus the abhorrent inhumane treatment of the animals that often go hand in hand with places that offer meat for sale. No thanks to meat. Animals are sentient beings. It's proven. How could you possibly eat them?

In the midst of a virus spreading from China to other countries and an ongoing impeachment trial here in the US, I tried floating for the first time last week. And yes you bobble on the surface like a cork, it was an interesting experience and I will try it again. I went to a place called Float North that I was very happy with. I will go there again.

And that's about it. I have to wake up at 7 30 am, getting up early is not something that I enjoy but I volunteer on Mondays so it is what it is. I better try to sleep soon because it's after 2.

Christmas Is Over

Well Christmas is over, at least for me. I put away the Christmas decorations that I had out and it wasn't that many. No tree. Bye Bye Christmas until next time! I feel a bit sad that Christmas is over.....too soon! I had a cozy and relaxing Christmas with lots of food, the only thing missing was snow. It's been raining a lot but there might snow here next week, at least that is the prediction for now. Well, it says "snow showers" whatever that means.

How are the New Year's resolutions going? Mine are going excellent!

I found something called Swedish Cream.....never heard of it before but it is delicious and addicting! I can eat it every day.

2020 Has Arrived

Well..... I think it is officially a new year, a new decade all over the world. 2020 has arrived. Perhaps it will be somewhat similar to the roaring 20s? I hope the new decade will bring more compassion and understanding to where it is needed, the less fortunate, the animals and nature. And more order in the world. If that is even possible.
I had no plans at all for last night. I went out briefly to a place in the neighborhood, won at pool (surprisingly) and headed downtown to the waterfront so I could watch some spectacular fireworks, or so I thought. Yeah Portland did not have much to offer in that department at all but instead I had a very nice walk, it was a beautiful evening and I was in good company. Went home and sat and read, relaxed and nibbled on food. Felt appreciative of my home. My first meal after midnight was a bowl of sauerkraut, I love sauerkraut.
Today I woke up from the sun peeking in through the blinds. A nice day unfolded that I have spent in calmness. To me the first day of the year is important. I want to be in a clean home with not a lot of clutter over from the last year and I don't want to do any errands, clean or anything of that nature.
I want to enjoy the first day of the year peacefully, eat good food and relax. I feel that the first day of the year sets the tone for what's to come.
So far so good.....
Here are a few pics from last night.
Happy New Year everybody! ❤️

Exploring Astoria & Seaside

I spent some time on the Oregon coast exploring the small towns of Astoria and Seaside. Lots of interesting history here. And many salty old men with long beards walking around.
Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark plus entourage made it to Seaside and saw the Pacific Ocean towards the end of 1805.

Peace and Friendship was mentioned, I think the Native Americans got the short end of the stick.

Seaside is a beach town with lots of touristy shops and restaurants.

There are lighthouses.

And a long beach.

The Grave of the Unknown Sailor.

The shipwreck of Peter Iredale that ran ashore in 1906, located on a beach in Warrenton. There is not much left of it.

The Astoria-Kegler bridge connecting Oregon and Washington. I think it's a bit scary to drive across it and there are people that are brave enough to bike it.

The bridge engulfed in fog.

I met a friend. Another alien.

Found a fly agaric.

There is a place in Astoria called Coffee Girl, go there if you ever make it to Astoria.
One of the original coffee girls.

I am a coffee girl too!

The Astoria Column. I climbed the stairs to the top and felt like I was going to faint when I stepped outside to look at the view. Worth going up there but I am scared of heights. Once it good enough for me.

The Underground Shops in Astoria - great shopping!

Somebody painted a painting of me. How nice!


Birthday time (!).....again. Felt a bit melancholic about that today. Started out with a bath and a face mask around 1am, so I would go to bed nice and clean and wake up the same way. Woke up several hours later and went for a long walk with my babies, no matter what kind of a day it is animals always come first.
Had English Breakfast tea and crackers with very good cheese. If you are into crackers, try the ones by Raincoat Crisps, I really like those. Took a nap around 6 pm and woke up by 7. Got ready and went to Kachka, a Russian restaurant. Today I wanted my fave soup which is barszcz. At Kachka they have Russian style red beet soup and they call is borscht. Not as good as my Mom makes it but still OK. Then I had some cheese dumplings. The portions were too small for my taste, I like food and I want to feel satisfied after eating a full meal at a restaurant. And for dessert a nice glass of black tea and some cookies. I was very pleased with the tea. Served in a glass with thinly sliced lemons on the side and sugar. That is how I remember tea from my childhood.

Then it got late and it was time to make it home. Felt a bit of melancholy has to do with that time goes by so fast. And birthdays are a reminder of that.


It is the night before Christmas Eve and it is so calm outside, the fog has wrapped itself around the homes where I live. I am inside with Tomten.

Foggy nights remind me of a picture in a book, a picture that I have remembered since I was a child. My Mom gave me these four books when I was around six years old. Books about words, each Swedish word has the English translation. I used to spend hours looking through the pages in these books, learning the English words and I got lost in my imagination while looking at the pics. I loved these books and I still have them.

These two pics kind of etched themselves into my brain....a foggy mysterious night and a calm night.