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SoMeThInG mOrE sErIoUs FrOm JuLiA....

Julia LOVES Owen Wilson. She thinks he is da when she found out that he recently tried to kill himself it made her really, really sad.

Owen Wilson lives somewhere is Santa Monica and Julia is on a mission to find him and tell him everything will be OK.

Lots of people suffer from depression and mood disorders that make it hard to live a normal, healthy life. Many people try to feel better by using alchohol or other drugs to try and make themselves feel a little better. Usually this method backfires and the person ends up feeling even worse.

It is a common belief that people who abuse drugs are simply trying to get high, have fun, and are selfish. Julia thinks this is not the case. Most people end up addicted to drugs because they are depressed and sad and do not know how to deal with it. They usually don't know how to deal with it because they never learned that certain feelings are normal and whatnot.

There are many ways to deal with such issues, and Julia would really like to help Owen!! She read that he is taking some Yoga lessons at his house and this is good.

If you know someone who is sad or depressed there are ways of being supportive and helpful without coming off as critical or harsh.

The person who is suffering already feels bad enough that they are not happy.

It is hard sometimes for people who have never felt suicidal or really depressed to understand that blaming the person only makes them feel worse.

Owen, if you happen to read this , please e-mail Julia......

Or if anyone reading this knows where Owen lives, please e-mail any information.....

(Written by Julia).


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