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Sobriety test

Got pulled over when I was driving home from work last night because I had "swerved across the line" supposedly.
Yeah, no shit, the roads are icy, slushy and snowy. Who doesn't swerve a little?
But then the officer also decided that he could smell alcohol on my breath. I thought that was rather amusing, because I don't drink at work.
But you know, since I came from work, being a stripper and all, in his mind I must had been drinking. Of course.
He needed to know where I came from and if was on any other drugs/pills.
So then he asked me to step out of the car so I could perform a sobriety test for him. At that point another cop had pulled up to watch
the whole thing. Probably hoping that he would be handcuffing me and hauling me off to jail. You wish!
Shining a flashlight in my face, the one that pulled me over waved his finger slowly from side to side, and told me to follow the finger with my
eyes only, not moving my head. This went on for a good two or three minutes.
I was about to volunteer putting on my 7'' heels and walk my model walk for them there in the slush, one foot perfectly in front of the other.
Fierce baby!
But then he decided that I was indeed telling him the truth about not having anything to drink. Whatever! I told you already!
There are a ton of cops here driving around at night, pulling people over - just so you know. Don't drink and drive in Soldotna and Kenai.
I have been pulled over more times here in AK than all my years spent in LA and Vegas. I don't think I ever got pulled over in LA.
And only twice in Vegas.


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