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Santa's Little Helper

Tatiana finally got done with writing all the Christmas cards, stuffing, wrapping and tapeing the packages, phew........that whole procedure
kept her up until about 2 am last night. A trip to the post office today.
What's on the pic does not include the gifts that will be hand delivered, those are stuffed in gift bags. Then there is a Toys For Tots donation
and this year Tatiana pulled an angel card of the Christmas tree inside the Kaladi coffe shop.
She will be the Secret Santa to a 12 year old girl.
Tatiana got her what she wished for. And last but NOT least, some food donations to some local animal shelter for the dogs and cats.
No animal belongs in a shelter, please keep that in mind if you currently have an animal or are thinking about getting one.
It is a responsibility! Chhaya, my puppy, is my biggest love, but she depends on me for food, shelter, care and love.
If you can't make that commitment then refrain from getting an animal. Also, do not breed your pets! Yes, little puppies and kittens are cute but
there are too many of them getting euthanized every day because somebody bred their pet and could not get rid of the litter.
Or they end up as snake food, dog fighting bait, research objects in some lab, abused etc - is that the fate you want for your dog or cats litter?
Think before you breed and make the right choice!!!
If I would breed Chhaya with another bluenose pittbull I could get up to $ 1000/puppy.
Depending on where I would sell the puppies. Chhaya is that pretty and has papers.
But I'd rather be without the money, knowing that I do not contribute to the problem of abandoned and unwanted dogs.
No animal belong in a shelter!!!

Besides that, Tatiana thinks she might be getting sick. Her body and joints hurt.
She is going to make herself some hot tea now, bundle up and read her new book and go to sleep.


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