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Woke up this morning and chopped up some red cabbage, cucumber, tomato, red bellpepper, avocado - drizzled some toasted sesame oil on top.
Clay, the dj at work told me to try the sesame oil. Super yummy!!! Thank You Clay!
The facial yesterday was good. Did not get back to Kenai until a little after Midnight.
Made an appointment to have a treatment called Green Peel in January. I have been wanting to do this for a while but you need to go two times
in the span of a week. And since it's a peel, your skin will come off, kind of when you have a sunburn on your face and there might be some redness.
The ingridients in the peel are natural and organic, it's not a laser treatment or anything too harsh.
Knowing my skin, I suspect I am going to shed skin like a snake and be very red, and looking like that I won't be able to work.
The funny thing is though I have been procrastinating with getting this Green Peel, I did manage to wait until the right moment.
Anastassia is discontinuing this treatment because so few are getting it. So I got a pretty good discount on the whole thing, it's still kind of pricey though. It will be the priciest beauty treatment so far. Hopefully it will be worth it.
According to Anastassia I will "be amazed". LOL. My skin is ok, I don't wear any foundation or powder at all at work.
But if I can improve it in any way and maybe do away with some sun damage I might have acquired, I will be happy.
And of course, I will look like 15 again. Fantastic!!!

There is a place in Anchorage called Great Harvest Bread. It is the place for a sandwich - trust me. They also have all kinds of different and delicious
breads for sale. One of my fave's is the White Chocolate Cherry bread. Got a loaf. It is amazing!!!
That will last four days tops. Had some in bed when I got home. With some tea. I usually drink
Earl Grey or English Breakfast, with lemon and sugar.
I love tea. If you love tea too, then I recommend that you go to the Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton for some afternoon tea. Well worth it!

One more thing. You know that I have mentioned that there is an online group that is for dancers only.
Well yesterday a girl wrote this "Oh and while I'm on my hormonal rampage whovever dances by the name KIT and gave a dance to him at heartbreakers and put your mouth over his cock in the back that is not a lapdance."
Well, THANK YOU! Finally I see another dancer saying that putting your mouth on somebodys crotch during a dance is NOT a lapdance.
I 100% agree, I think that is totally disgusting and I hate it when I see girls do that. "WHY and what the fuck are you doing???" I want to ask them.
YUCK!!!! That is not a lapdance, I agree!


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