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Finally I am taking some time out to go to Anastasia's for a facial.
I am driving to Anchorage tomorrow to get pampered, some pain is included too, Anastassia really digs deep into those pores.
Then I am going to run around like a headless chicken and shop.
I always have even more Christmas shopping to do, though most is done. There is also certain things I like to eat for Christmas.
That I can't find in Soldotna and Kenai.
And I have a large bag of clothes, some books and toothpaste to donate to the AWAIC women's shelter.
They got all my Twilight books a few years ago, I hope somebody enjoyed reading those.
Today I got half of my Christmas cards done, so on Wednesday, Thursday the latest,
I can send out all my gifts to Sweden and hopefully all of it will get there before December 24.
And I got Rihanna's cd today, so I can listen to it on the looooong three hour drive to Anchorage.........


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