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He was bored

Well, this puts the, oh so wished for and coveted diamond engagement ring into a different perspective..........
Some guy in England got "bored" with his fiancé, so he decided to do the only thing a trapped man can do in such a dire situation.
Mr Romance went and got his buddy for moral support and with his help he tasered his fiancé, put her in a cardboard box,
bound and gagged her and buried her alive in the forest. Sweet! High Five! Free to date other ladies!
Well, the lady used her diamond engagement ring to cut her self loose and scratch her way to freedom.
Lady got skills! Oh, and she is Polish btw, so is Mr Romance.
Diamonds ARE indeed a girls best friend.
Kim K should hold on to her bauble, you never know when you can really need a diamond.
But really though. Most violent crimes towards women are done by people that know them.
The men in their life.
Tatiana wishes she could show this coward some of her Polish temper. Tatiana would definitely taser his his crotch repeatedly until
it caught on fire. Then she would have to decide wheter he should die a painful death or rotten away locked up somewhere.
But why waste food and water on such garbage? This goes for the buddy too, that was nice enough to help his friend.
Tatiana was not going to read this article at first, but the woman looks very much like somebody Tatiana knows. Striking resemblance.
But this girl is not Polish. She is Rumanian. Anyways.

You know the Wheel Of Fortune? Well, Tatiana has a Wheel Of Topics. Hundreds of things that either amuse her or infuriate
her and every other emotion in between, on a daily basis. Tatiana's mind works overtime - sober.
If she would do speed or smoke weed she could probably solve the World's problems.
With no assistance from Obama or Sarkozy. Tatiana for president!
Wait, she would hire Hillary Clinton and Putin. They could be useful somehow.
The Euro confusion? The dire economy? Global warming? Gay marriage? Illegal aliens? Aliens (from space)?
You name it! Piece of cake. But for now, Tatiana is going to remove her pink nail polish and watch TMZ.


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