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Young Adult

"Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up."

Here is the ad for the upcoming movie Young Adult.
Tatiana finds a few things funny here.......first of all, the theme "Everyone gets old. Not everyone grows up." that's Tatiana in a nutshell.
ALSO, whomever came up with the styling for that pic must have seen Tatiana (or Julia) prance around somewhere.
That is Tatiana's Vegas uniform, sweats, Hello Kitty t-shirt, hoodie and a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. Dominating color - pink.
Always shopping, lol.
The dog would fit Julia's style, because she totes around her chihuahua Spike everywhere. Tatiana can't really bring Chhaya to the mall,
she is too big.
And the screenwriter for this movie is Diablo Cody! In case you don't know, she used to be a dancer and wrote her memoir "Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper" - a book that Tatiana loves. You should read it too! There should be some references to the
book and Diablo Cody in Tatiana's blog, you can do a search to read more.


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