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In the past week, Julia has worked 6 days at Sapphire.....

There is some kind of bicycle convention in town, so it was pretty busy and Julia met some interesting people as always.

Nothing really worth writing about but there were quite a few people from different countries around the world, and it's usually pretty cool to find out how other people are living.

Sometimes people ask Julia if it's exciting to work at Sapphire......the truth is that it's not as thrilling as some people think it is.

There are lots of boring times, slow times, and annoying times.

But there are also really fun people to talk to and good music (sometimes).

Julia has fun when other people are having fun. If there is a good vibe and a good crowd it can be an awesome job.

Hopefully this weekend will be fun!!

And Julia hopes everyone has a great weekend, whatever you may be doing.

(Written by Julia).


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