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Second Day Zion

Today I had one hike in mind, Observation Point. That one is 8 miles round trip. That would be 12 kilometers.
I made it up and down with a 20 minute rest on top and stops for photos, in a little under 4 hours. It was a small personal challenge. And well worth it.
Fun, super scenic and gorgeous!
Here I am at the top of Observation Point, you can see Angel's Landing that is below me in the background. There were about 30 people up there, just relaxing, eating and taking in the scenery.

I know I will feel this hike in my leg muscles and my butt tomorrow, I love that feeling......

I want to return to Zion. I would love to do The Narrows, Hidden Canyon and one more hike up Angel's Landing.
What I also learned from this trip is that it is better/advisable, that you go hiking with people that are somewhat on your level, physically and mentally. I consider myself an average hiker and in average shape. I don't own any fancy hiker gear and walking sticks. Nor do I run up mountains.
But if you go with somebody that moves at the pace of a turtle, getting passed up by retired people in their 70's who walk faster and even obvious pregnant looking ladies......then it becomes annoying after a while.
Especially if that person freaks out on you when you want to go up a hike at your own, faster pace - so you can actually see what you came to see.
Amazingly enough, even with my "faster" pace I managed to enjoy myself immensely and take hundreds of nice photos.
Sometimes, waiting for others will limit what you will experience and achieve in life. I learned that a long time ago.


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