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Tatiana is in Zion, Utah with her friend Sonja.
It is super nice here. VERY nice! Tomorrow hiking.
We arrived today so there was just checking in, a small tour of Springfield the town we are staying in and dinner.
Getting up at 7 am tomorrow.

Yummy licks


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Mr.B on :

Don't forget to wear your sunglasses!

Tatiana on :

Yes Sir!

ed on :

In the news today; Strippers make 10 times more in North Dekota with the oil boom then in Vegas, $2000 per night. Those ladies have no time for a break. Save some money for a possible depression along with those fun escapades or mischievous adventures...ha.

Tatiana on :

Yes.....I have some info for you about that in a day or two.....some insider stripper info. Lol.

Anonymous on :

you look greasey and old. yuck! i would never buy a lap dance from you. i wish i never listened to my friend Shane and looked at this creepy blog. good luck in life. you need it.

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