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Permanent Fund

Here in Alaska we get free money once a year, it is called the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend. You need to qualify for it, meaning you have to be a resident of Alaska, you can't just arrive here the week before the free money giveaway and get the money. Otherwise millions of people would take a trip up here every year just to get a slice of the cake.
It's like a little bonus for the brave souls that live here in the Last Frontier, isolated from everything.
There is no mall in Kenai. Not much fine dining. There is not much of anything unless you are into hunting and fishing. Tatiana is not a fan of that. Sure you can go hiking and camping. But that's not so fun when it's pouring down, freezing or snowing.
Every year the payout varies a little, this year it's $ 1 174.00. Perfect vacation money!
It's coming out today. This weekend Tatiana will be very busy collecting people's money at work. Nice!


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kisa on :

Hey thats nice.
I once made a Patagonia world end tour and saw argentina doing things like this to Patagoniens too. Its good to invest into the last frontiers! And me, I like to visit them! ;-)

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