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New Book!

I had to get a new book so I drove into town and got this, "Eating Animals" by Jonathat Safran Foer. I will probably get really sad from reading it but it will be interesting still.


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kisa on :

JSF is a fantastic author. But if you like eating meet you should not read it, if you aren't strong enough to resist to his imaginaries and argues.... (btw, knowing whats going on with industrial & gen food production in the Americas, is a livesaver!!! - and we europeans pray for every individual withstanding these "food" molochs!!!).

But everyone should read or view: "Everything Is Illuminated", which is very very good!

Tatiana on :

I saw that he wrote "Everything Is Illuminated", that is on my list of books to read.
And sorry if I offend anyone now but I do think that Americans eat way too much meat. I don't know how much or little in comparison to other countries, all I know is from what I see and hear. And I don't think that there is a good reason to eat meat every day of the week.
That is my personal belief.

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