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Does Tatiana only care about pink lip gloss?

Tatiana only has a few interests in life. It narrows down to admiring herself in the mirror. Amazing! And her many pink lip glosses and nail polishes. Raves. And Chhaya of course. That's about it. Everything else does not matter to her.
Womens rights? People starving? Pollution? Who cares? Why bother?
Yeah, yeah.......the reason Tatiana says this is because somebody recently pointed out to her that her blog about kindness showed that she is a real person (of substance Tatiana supspects that it meant) and not only girlish (hence the pink lip gloss etc).
Tatiana is a little surprised, her blog is full of her opinions about all the issues that she is concerned with ranging from FGM to animals.
The fans that have followed Tatiana's blog since the beginning probably know this but if you just discovered Tatiana's blog, you can entertain yourself by reading ALL of Tatiana's blogs, Tatiana highly recommends it, since some are very funny.
Or if you just want a small sample of who Tatiana is, type in the word "opinions" into the quicksearch.

Back in the day (a few years ago) Tatiana blogged a little less, the person she shared the blog with wrote "Julia doesn't always think her life is that interesting and would rather not blog about boring things. It's annoying to read people's blogs who just write to be writing something. If you don't have something fun or new to say, maybe wait until something happens that you think other people will care about?"
So Tatiana held back, a little, but that didn't last long. Tatiana is not only going to write here when she has something saucy or "interesting" to say. Some people that blog might spice up their stories a little , or a lot, to sound extra scandalous and obnoxious but Tatiana's life isn't always that crazy. She is not running around naked and doing weird things on an everyday basis. Who does anyways? Unless you live in a nudist colony and take Adderall every day.
Tatiana is happy that her life is rather drama free. There is enough drama in it from time to time. Therefore she will continue to blog about her "boring" opinions about war, the environment and pink lip gloss. And throw in pics of her feet in flip flops.


Ready for some opinions then?
Amanda Knox is free. And Raffaele Sollecito too. The conviction got overturned. Tatiana thinks this is a good thing. Tatiana has known about this case for a while. She does not think that Amanda was ever guilty of murdering her roommate, Miss Kercher. Sad story.
Besides, Italy's judicial system and government seem chaotic to say the least. For a lawyer to compare a client already under scrutiny for being "too pretty" to Jessica Rabbit is plain absurd. And Italy's prime minister Berlusconi, seems more occupied with all his sordid sex scandals instead of cleaning up Italy's affairs. Strange place. Seems very sexist. Not a place for Tatiana. She would beat all the men on the head with a Swedish clog.
Amanda will become a rich girl upon returning to America, everybody is going to want a piece of her. Good for her. She deserves the money. Being deprived of something so priceless as your freedom should be compensated.
Tatiana wonders if Amanda will do a Playboy spread?

Speaking of Italians........remember when Tatiana predicted that Elisabetta Canalis would be one of the first to get booted from "Dancing With The Stars"? She was right! Of course, Tatiana is always right, you KNOW this by now!

There's a debate going on in Alaska now regarding abortion and children. First of all, Tatiana is pro choice. If you, as a woman, opt to have an abortion, you should be able to do so. Not in late stages of the pregnancy of course, follow the guidlines. Tatiana heard of dumb chicks that had abortions in the fifth month, that is pretty foul. Do it early, less trauma for everyone involved.
The question is, should a parent have to be notified if their child wants an abortion? The parental notification law.
Tatiana says, that should be up to the child. A child constitutes a person below the age of 18 here. If the parent would in some way punish the child or force the child to make a decision that the child does not want, then no, they should be left out of the decision regarding the abortion.
Tatiana does not think teens should be parents. Live you life a little before you have kids for crying out loud. But you can be a teen and a good parent. Just as you can be an adult and a crappy parent. Plenty of great examples of the latter out there.
Ultimately it is the childs body and life. The child should make an educated, hopefully, decision regarding the abortion. Keep in mind that a seventeen year old would be considered "a child" here.
Also, if a woman gets pregnant with a man that clearly does not want children, the woman should take care of that baby herself. No child support! Don't force somebody to become a father. Not everybody wants to be a parent. Use protection. But if that fails and the guy clearly is not interested and she insist on keeping the baby, then she should respect that and be a single mom.
Try to have your children with a participating partner. It's usually better. You can separate later if things don't work out and co parent.

That's enough wisdom for today. Tatiana might start charging $$$ for services like these!
Here is Tatiana posing with a MAC powder brush.


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u kisa on :

Yes, thats what I meant to say. (And I didn't need to read your entry about kindness to know this! ;-) )

I did not really follow the Amanda case, but she is not returning in glory, as long as no one really knows what happend murdering this other girl..., she still seems involved somehow... and yes, italiens prime is ridiculous! Everybody in Europe knows! But Italy is a very nice country and has lots of nice people, which haven't deserved him.

The rest is peaceful silence...

your kisa

Tatiana on :

Tatiana likes Italian food!
: )

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