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Good Morning!

OCTOBER 1 today! How do you feel about that?
This means big business for some places in the US because they have their own version of Germany's Oktoberfest. Like Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas.
Tatiana has been there a few times but probably never again. The food is very overpriced and far from what a real Bratwurst should taste like. The Kartoffeln is a disappointment too. And Tatiana sure loves her potatoes!
It's also a place you might consider bringing earplugs to. There is a band playing and singing supposedly German songs on a very high volume and people around you yell "Ziga Zaga" and swing the oversized beer mugs around.
Last time Tatiana was in Vegas she went to Hofbräuhaus but decided to leave shortly after she got seated, it was just too much.
It's worth the experience, once, but Tatiana prefers having her dinner in a more quiet setting where she can really savour her food. She loooooves dining out and Vegas has many great restaurants. Kenai, not so much.......
Actually October is a great month to visit Vegas, not too hot, pretty much perfect.
Anyways, back to Kenai.....Alaska that is. It's a windy and cold day, the leaves are falling down from the branches at an alarming rate.
Tatiana is cozied up with a blanket on the couch. Chhaya is scouting for squirrels with her nose pressed agains the window.
Today is a day for movies at home and maybe some hot vanilla latte. Actually, Tatiana is considering getting her own espresso machine, so she can make lattes at home.


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