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About to take a bath

Tatiana felt much better today (no Motrin needed), well technically yesterday, since it's past midnight now. And really dark outside.
She had every intention of going to work but ended up not to. That happens often, lol. Not very strong work motivation at times....... But she is definitely working this weekend.
Instead of working she got other things done. If Tatiana has a totally unproductive day she feels like that day got wasted, so she tries not to have too many days of doing absolutely nothing. She actually got a lot done today.
Soon she is going to take a nice, hot, much needed bath, scrub her face and brush her teeth, then put on lots of L'Occitane face creme.
But first she is going to take off some nail polish and file her claws really sharp. So she can hook lots of innocent victims this weekend at work.
Well, now you all know what's on Tatiana's wish list this fall............clothes, shoes and bags.......


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john on :

I thought you might not be feeling well. Missed you at work, was looking forward to seeing your new piece of jewelry. With your clothes selection, you may need to stay well.

Tatiana on :

My fans will give me my selection......
: )

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