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Tatiana's ring

Kim Kardashian and her 20.5 carat ring can go and hide somewhere in shame and bring her Neanderthal looking husband with her. Tacky.
Check out Tatiana's ring, it's like 30 carats. Now that's some serious bling bitches! You didn't think that Tatiana was going to get anything less than that did you?
Who gave this serious bauble to her? Is is Chester perhaps? Or did Ellen decide to propose? Putin? Or did a Ford truck driving boy in Alaska snatch Tatiana up?
The suspense is building.
Tatiana is very happy, she sits around and gazes at her 30 carat ring all day long, even more than she is looking at herself in the mirror, if you can believe that.
All the girls are jealous. Even more than ever.
Or did Tatiana find this ring in some store at the mall in Vegas?
Ponder that for a while.
Tatiana and her 30 carat friend are off to get a latte. The day will be spent in narcissistic bliss. Just like every day in Tatiana's perfect life.......


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