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Pic from last night

Tatiana got a lot done today. Multiple errands in town. Running again. A short tanning session before it got way too windy. It is supposedly going to be sunny and warm here by tomorrow, nice!
Here is a pic of Tatiana last night, sitting by the bar feeling happy. Shiny face because there is not a trace of powder/foundation to be found. What you see is what you get. Well, there are some fake lashes glued on too.
Tatiana is thinking about bringing a chess board to work. For every game of chess Tatiana wins she will collect a fee, like MINIMUM $ 20 and up.
Why not be known for your looks AND your brains?
Wanna play?


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Josh on :

Would love to play a game of chess.

ed on :

Would like to offer chess tips. Begin with a center pawn and proceed with every knight and bishop you can. Now advance safely for power positions. Than fomulate a plan of attack. If foiled, attack from another direction. Never stop attacking but also never forget defense or you will surely loss your cherry and blush most abached like a virgin in regretfulness. ed

ed on :

how, by email ?

Tatiana on :

No not e mail. Tatiana can only play chess with you if you visit her at whatever place she is working.....

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