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The Horseshoe!

Well, Tatiana spent a week in Elko, at The Horseshoe.......interesting.......yes indeed.
First of all, not to offend anyone that lives in probably does have it's charm.......but Tatiana is SO happy that she does not live in Elko.
The club itself, was almost empty Monday night around 9 pm when Tatiana walked in.
There were three other girls working that night.
It stayed pretty empty until Friday when all hell broke loose. Literally. Wow! More girls showed up for work too. About five more.
One of them was an absolute knockout! VIXEN. She lives in Elko. Tatiana loves working with pretty girls, the prettier the girls - the better the club, usually.
This girl, Vixen, has it all, face, body, moves well and she was super nice. Tatiana thinks that Vixen should travel around a little. She would do well everywhere.
The other girls were......ok.
Stage was fun at The Horseshoe. Large, two poles and a mirrored wall so you can admire yourself during your dancing. And people were tipping rather well.
But there was not much going on at all during the week. Rather slow.
So, lets' move on to Friday and Saturday night.......Tatiana thinks that half of Elko must had been in there. Supposedly the place is like 80% dance club and 20% strip club on weekends. Indeed. The club has a large dance floor and people were dancing, just not lap dancing. Lol.
Tatiana felt kind of out of place, walking around in her Honey Dew's and 6' heels, while everybody else were grinding on each other at the dance floor.
And the people in Elko sure like their rap music. Oh yes!
Tatiana though that she had seen the drunkest of drunks in Anchorage at The Bush and in Williston at Heartbreakers. No. This place took first place. Easily.
Half of the club on Friday and Saturday consisted of local girls, many of them were on the very heavy side and inebriated. The guys in there were just as happy. Some of them even took naps, head down on the bar.
According to the other girls working there, this was a very bad week. Supposedly the week before had been very profitable for all. Tatiana picked the wrong week. Cowboy Poetry is not the week to be stripping in Elko, neither is biker week, according to the other girls.
Weird, Tatiana though that the cowboys would be lonely and in need of lap know "the lonely cowboy" lol........but there were not many cowboys in there at all. Tatiana did see them around Elko though......eating. There were hungry cowboys but no lonely ones.
Yes, this was an experience for sure. Tatiana is happy that she went though. She did not leave empty handed, come on now, this is Tatiana after all!
The people working at The Horseshoe were all very nice and Tatiana got to see and meet the beautiful Vixen.
If you don't try something out, you will never know!

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