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Things to do while in Vegas

Tatiana really likes going to China Ranch once in a while. That is technically in California, right outside Nevada.
It's a nice drive out there, you really get a feel for the Nevada landscape.
China Ranch itself, is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. When you are there, you HAVE to get a date shake! So yummy!
There are a few hikes you can go on. Tatiana always does the slot canyon hike.
Then she drives to Tecopa and gets into the mud bath. She recommends this little outing for everyone that has a day in Vegas when they want to do something, but don't know what......and The Strip feels like too much or boring and you just want to do something different........
Going to China Ranch is something you do in the fall, spring or winter. Summer would be too hot. This is an all day adventure, so take your time.
And don't be too scared to get into the mud bath, just do it! It's fun! You can always shower when you get home. Live a little!
Another fun thing to do is take a drive out to the small town of Rachel and Area 51. You will travel on the "Extra Terrestrial Highway". Exciting! On the way there or on the way back, stop at Ash Springs and take a dip in the hot springs.
What to do in Vegas when you want to do something in the summertime besides spend time inside, with airco?
Drive to Mount Charleston. Always cooler than Vegas. Nice hikes. Rent a cabin and spend the night. You can also go skiing there in the winter time.
Or you can drive to Boulder City, right outside of Vegas and go zip lining.
Tatiana has not done that one......yet.
So besides hotels, gambling, nightclubs, strip clubs, restaurants........etc........there is plenty to do in Vegas.

Date shake......yummy!

Chhaya getting out of the mud bath


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